Tips On Heavy Period With Clots

Heavy Period With Clots It is normal to pass blood clots during menstruation. Depending on the woman, the frequency, length and amount of menstrual bleeding can vary greatly. However, large blood clots aren’t a good sign.

It is vital to go to the doctor if you are passing large blood clots or passing countless small clots in a short duration and if your period is heavier than normal such as you might be soaking through your tampon every hour for several hours. Here are some tips on heavy periods with clots :

Tips On Heavy Period With Clots

Keep A Record

For one or two menstrual cycles, keep a record of your flow. Make an emergency doctor appointment if your period gets so heavy that you start feeling dizzy and faint.

Take Ibuprofen

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An over the counter anti-prostaglandin should be taken if the flow is too heavy. For every 4 to 6 hours, a dose of 200mg tablet should be taken. This therapy can help with the cramps and also reduces the flow by 25 to 30%.

Use Extra Salt and Fluid for Treating Blood Loss

Salt Water Remedy Is Good For You

You will know if your blood volume is getting low when your heart pounds and you feel dizzy every time you get up after lying down. People should drink more to help this condition and salty drinks such as juices of vegetables like tomato should be increased. On that day, take extra liquids around 1 to 1.5 liter or four to six cups.

Taking Iron After Heavy Bleeding

Over the counter tablets of iron such as 35mg of gluconate should be taken daily if you have been having a heavy flow from several cycles or your doctor’s appointment is late. Iron that we get from foods should also be increased in the form of dried fruits like raisins and prunes, deep green vegetables, liver, red meat and egg yolks, which supply iron.

Iron diet tips

A ferritin test will be carried out by your doctor in order to test the blood count of iron that’s stored in the bone marrow. In order to bring the iron stores to normal, people should continue taking iron daily for a year if they have a low blood count or ferritin is low.

Oral Contraceptive Pills

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Oral contraceptives are not so effective, even though they are used for dealing with heavy flow, especially in pre-menopause. Oral contraceptives that are currently available comprise of estrogen that are five times that of natural levels and medicines like progestins include close to usual levels of progesterones.

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Progesterone Or A Strong Progestin Therapy

Too much estrogen and low levels of progesterone cause heavy bleeding so progesterone therapy is needed. The endometrium is made fragile and thick by estrogen, but progesterone antagonizes estrogen by making it mature and thin. However, a low dose taken for two weeks or less will not produce any effective results.

Progesterone or A Strong Progestin Therapy

It was revealed by a study that heavy bleeding was stopped when a high dose of progesterone was taken for 22 days. Whenever progesterone is taken for heavy flow, it should be continued for 16 days at least. It can be taken at any point in the cycle.With these tips you can combat heavy period with clots, but if the problem persists, it is best to consult a gynecologist.

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