Tips On How To Conceive Faster

Tips On How To Conceive Conceiving a baby involves a number of complex processes for which a woman who wants to conceive easily must take care of certain things to ensure that her health is fine in every way to avoid interference in her conception. Conceiving can happen quite easily for many women without trying very hard and for some others it may be quite frustrating not being able to conceive for a long time.

Several health factors and internal organs and their functions create impact on the conception procedure. Therefore, first you have to ensure if you are healthy in every way and if there are some problems whether it can affect the conception procedure or not.

Ways To Conceive Faster

Get a Thorough Medical Check

A thorough medical check will be able to determine if you have any possible medical complications or internal defects which may interfere in conception and pregnancy. Accordingly you can get treatment to become healthy and get ready for pregnancy.

Check if you are Overweight

You have to find out whether you are overweight by calculating your BMI which is quite easy and can be done by finding your height and weight. You can ask your doctor to do it for you as well.

Tracking Ovulation

Tracking of ovulation is easier for them who have regular periods. In a 28 day menstrual cycle usually the most fertile days are from the 12th to the 16th day. You can take your doctor’s guidance to track ovulation.

Tracking Ovulation

You should have intercourse at least from one day before your ovulation begins. The sperm stays for sometime after it has been released within your body through the semen of your partner and when the ova is released it has higher chances to get fertilized by the waiting sperm.

Right Positions

Use sex positions which will help the sperm to travel easily and fertilize the egg. Use the standard missionary position and let your thighs rest on a pillow to keep them little elevated which will also assist the sperm for quicker movement. Indulge in deep penetrative sex. Rest for at least half an hour after sex so that the sperm doesn’t leak out from your body and also ensure that your partner pulls out his penis from your vagina only after it has become flaccid.

Try Having Orgasm and Ejaculation Together

Orgasm triggers alkaline secretion which again assists the sperm to move fast therefore try to have orgasm before or during the time your partner ejaculates.

Have more and more sex

Having more and more sex increases your chances of conception and also improves sperm count of your partner. Its better if your partner avoids ejaculating for few days before your ovulation so that when you have intercourse during your ovulation the sperm count can remain quite high.

Use only sperm friendly lubricants

If you need to use lubricants then ensure those are sperm friendly or else the sperm journey can be hampered by ordinary lubricants. It’s best to avoid using lubricants if you are not sure to find sperm friendly ones.

Some Other Important Tips on How to Conceive

Lifestyle Modifications

Begin to follow a healthy active lifestyle by eating right, taking proper sleep and rest, doing regular exercises and avoiding bad habits like smoking and alcohol. Practice stress management as stress and psychological distress may also interfere with conceiving a baby.

Take Lot of Water and Fluids

Take Lot of Water and Fluids

Taking lot of water and fluids help you to remain well hydrated and remove toxins from the body by cleansing the various systems within our body. Just by drinking enough water we can cure and also avoid various health problems.

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Take Proper Balanced Diet

A balanced diet will give you all necessary nutrients and you can remain fit, healthy and in good shape. Never skip meals and avoid excess junk foods. Take proper amounts of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Take Fruits, Green Leafy Vegetables and Folic Acid Supplements

Fruits and green leafy vegetables are storehouses of abundant minerals and vitamins that are most necessary before and after conceiving a baby.

Green Leafy Vegetables and Folic Acid Supplements

Take folic acid supplements which assist in conception and prevent neural tube defects in babies after you get pregnant.

Limit Caffeine Intake

If you take too much coffee or caffeinated drinks then reduce the amount to minimum at least for a while till you get pregnant and have the baby.

Avoid Rash Lifestyle or Exposure to Toxins

Ensure that you or your partner doesn’t indulge in rash lifestyle or exposure to hazardous toxins till you conceive and have a healthy delivery.

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