Tips On How To Sleep When Pregnant

If you are pregnant and find it very difficult to sleep at nights, chances are the positions that you adopt to sleep in could be causing the trouble.

And even though you would have faced no problems with those positions till now, as a pregnant woman, your body would start showing restraint to the same.

So why exactly do you feel uncomfortable in your normal sleep positions? The first reason of all would be a bulging tummy that could be pretty heavy to deal with while you move around in your sleep.

If you suffer from back pain, insomnia, heartburn or breathlessness, chances are that you might not be able to sleep in your normal positions

Best Positions For Sleeping When Pregnant

If you find it difficult to sleep when pregnant, try changing the position in which you sleep. Accordingly, you can try sleeping on your side as this would ease the pressure of the uterus from the rest of your body.

Sleeping on your side would also enable your body to function better as you sleep. Accordingly, a side sleep position would enable your kidneys to work more efficiently in removing impurities in your body while you sleep.

This in turn could effectively reduce conditions like water retention and swelling caused by the same.Some experts say that sleeping on your side can also be beneficial for your baby. This position would improve the blood flow from your body to the placenta, thereby increasing the amount of nutrients your baby receives as well.

Getting It Done

I know it would be difficult to start sleeping on the side all of a sudden, which is why I recommend all expecting ladies to start sleeping on their sides from the early stages of pregnancy itself.

This way when they reach their third trimester, they would have got accustomed to sleeping on their side and so would not feel uncomfortable about the same.

You can switch sides in between. However, make sure that whenever you want to switch sides, get up sideways, turn around and then lie down. Don’t attempt to roll over as this may disturb the placenta and the baby inside.

If you suffer from back pain, try placing a pillow below your abdomen when you sleep. You can also keep a pillow in between your legs for comfort. In case of heartburn or breathlessness, you can lie slightly propped up with pillows in order to get relief from the same.

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Must Avoid Positions For Sleeping When Pregnant

It is highly recommended that you stop sleeping on your back after the second trimester. Sleeping on your back would place extreme pressure on your back muscles, major blood vessels, lungs, intestines and spines.

If you continue to sleep in this position, chances are you may contract conditions like back pain, impaired blood circulation, low blood pressure, hemorrhoids, snoring, sleep apnea etc. which can affect both your body and your baby as well.

Another position to avoid while sleeping (when you are pregnant) is sleeping on your stomach. Your abdomen would have grown significantly by this time and you would find it very difficult to rest on it. Attempting to do so can cause conditions like nausea, breathlessness and low blood pressure etc.

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