Pregnancy In Eighth Month

Approaching 32 weeks, each pregnant woman experiences unusual weight gain as the baby’s weight increases manifold within the last two months of pregnancy. This is the phase of pregnancy when one needs to be extra careful and prepare for a safe delivery.

Measures To Help Yourself

Be Alert And Responsive

Be alert and responsive to the body needs. Our body provides all the signals in accordance with the progressive changes and thus, helps us in meeting all our needs.

Be Alert And Responsive

Be slow and steady for every act of yours; keep regular account of baby’s movements, indulge in healthy snacks whenever hungry and when experiencing regular contractions, do inform the doctor. Do not neglect any sign and take the needed rest the moment you feel tired. In case of even a little concern, share your feelings with the doctor.

Suffice Your Increased Appetite

Suffice your increased appetite by eating an extra 300 calories a day and avoid eating too much by eating small, nutritious meals at frequent intervals. Eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables and include more of dairy products, proteins and carbohydrates so that the growing needs of baby are all met.


Avoid intake of more sugar and salt. Limit salt intake to 2,300 milligrams or less per day to reduce excessive fluid retention. Decrease the intake of sugars to keep weight gain within limits, usually 10-12 kg weight gain from start of pregnancy is considered fine but that depends on your initial body weight.

Stay Active By Performing Pregnancy Exercises

Stay active by performing pregnancy exercises after consultation with the doctor. With every trimester, exercise varies so have correct information about the appropriate exercise that will help you get relieves from aches or pains and positions baby for the upcoming delivery.

Performing pregnancy exercises

Never Forget Your Calcium And Iron Supplements

Never forget your calcium and iron supplements as they remain important needs of pregnancy and helps to keep your and baby’s bones healthy and strong.

Calcium And Iron Supplements

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Manage Your Heartburn And Constipation Problems

Heartburn And Constipation

Manage your heartburn and constipation problems by having more of fibrous food like fruits and vegetables and know the foods that trigger heartburn and avoid them, if possible. Keep your heartburn relieving tablets handy so that your rest is not much hindered because of these unavoidable problems.

Identifying Preterm Labour

Inform the doctor in case you observe these changes which could be signs of labor. More of vaginal discharge than before and changes in discharge to more watery fluid or tinged with blood. In case you experience abdominal pain with menstrual like cramping or have more than four contractions in an hour (even if they are bearable).

Identifying Preterm Labour

On experiencing more pressure on pelvic area as if baby is pushing or falling down and if a sudden back pain appears that could be dull or rhythmic. These symptoms may not necessarily mean that you are due for delivery but since these are the overlapping symptoms of labor pain and pregnancy, one need to reassure that these are not labor signals.

In case it is not preterm labor, pressure on pelvic area could all be because of hormonal changes and the growing uterus that loosen your joints and ligaments attaching pelvic bones to spine region. The expanding uterus stretches and weakens abdominal muscle putting strain on the back and making one feel less stable.

These all are part of entering into most esteemed role of your life, becoming the Mother, so make sure, you get yourself properly monitored at every little concern too.