Tips To Avoid Back Pain During Pregnancy

It is quite common to feel back pain during pregnancy. It occurs due to weight gain and the stretching of ligaments to make way for the baby to grow. With the increased weight your back has to work harder to support the body and the hollow of the back gets strained. This results in discomfort to the pregnant woman and causes pain in the lower back.

Backache During Pregnancy Can Be Easily Treated By Following A Few Simple Guidelines.

You should wear low or flat heeled shoes to divide your weight equally on your feet. Forget about fashionable high heeled fancy footwear till the baby is born. It will reduce the strain on your back.

Maintaining a proper posture is very important during pregnancy while you do your daily chores. Avoid standing for long periods of time and if you have to then keep one of your foot on a low stool to shift your weight from the back. Change the foot in between to give rest to both the feet. After finishing your task you must take rest with your feet elevated on a pillow to ease your lower back muscles.

Always bend your knees while picking up an object from the floor. Keep your weight on knees or hold something for support when getting up to reduce the strain on your spine. Do not slouch while sitting and maintain an upright posture. You can keep a cushion behind your back for extra padding while sitting on a chair or in the car and while driving. This will prevent stiffness in the lower back muscles and you will not feel tired when working in a seated position for long periods of time.

You should use a firm mattress for sleeping. It should neither be too soft nor too hard. In both the conditions you will suffer from backache. Place a pillow between your knees while sleeping to relieve back pain during pregnancy. In the advanced stage of pregnancy you can place a soft and thin pillow below your abdomen for support. This is also a good way of preventing strain on the back.

Pamper yourself by having adequate rest when you are pregnant. This is your right and your family will definitely support you. You should not work at a stretch and should rest in between work. You can ask your spouse to massage your back lightly with mild oil. You should avoid using aromatherapy oils as it might be dangerous for the baby.

You can try using the pregnancy pillow. It prevents head, neck and back strains and provide proper support to the whole spine. Pregnancy pillow is easily available in the market. Pregnancy support belt provides a gentle support to prevent backache. You can wear this belt which is available in the market. It is adjustable and it helps you to work comfortably while standing reducing the strain on your back. But you should consult your doctor before using the support belt.

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Backache during pregnancy is directly connected with the amount of weight you gain. Be careful and watch your weight. If you feel you are gaining more than the recommended weight then you should take adequate measures to control it. You should reduce the amount of fats and carbohydrates in your diet and should eat more of proteins.

Exercise during pregnancy is a simple way to avoid and relieve back pain during pregnancy. Stretching and strengthening exercises help to improve flexibility of the muscles and they also strengthen the spine and leg muscles, enabling to bear the extra weight. Walking is a good cardio exercise and it is the safest physical activity to perform when you are pregnant. 20-30 minutes of walk daily will keep your muscles active and it will relieve you from backache.

Instead of walking continuously for 30 minutes you can break it into 15 minutes of walking twice a day to avoid strain on the back. Leg lifts are beneficial for strengthening your hip and thigh muscles. You can do it when lying on your side. Lift your leg slowly up to 8-10 inches from the floor. Hold for 2-3 seconds and bring it down. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Back pain during pregnancy can also be effectively treated with yoga. Certain yoga poses like The Child Pose or The Cat Pose are beneficial for backache, but you must consult your doctor before practising these exercises and you should do it under the supervision of a prenatal yoga instructor to avoid any mishap.

Good Luck and wish you a Happy Motherhood!