Tips To Avoid The Risks Of Nose Surgery

Tips To Avoid The Risks Of Nose Surgery

Tips To Avoid The Risks Of Nose Surgery Nose surgery is known by the term Rhinoplasty. It is used to shorten or increase the length of the nose and to give a nice shape to the tip of the nose and to narrow down the nostrils. When the surgeon plans the nose surgery then he/she considers other issues like the skin of the nose and whether the upper portion of the nose is bone or cartilage as this surgery can do modification in both bone and cartilage.

The nose surgery can possibly straight the nose bridge, reshape the nose tip and give an accurate size to your nose and can also change the angle between the nose and the upper lip. It can also correct any type of birth defect or damage due to injury which will also solve any issue in breathing as well.

Risks of Nose Surgery

Although nose surgery has many benefits but it also carries some risks like recurring nosebleeds, difficulty in breathing with nose for some days after the surgery, chances of uneven nose shape in surgery, numbness in nearby areas of nose, pain and discoloration of the nose, scarring and swelling in and around the nose.

The risks can be minimized if the doctor undertakes a medical checkup properly before starting the surgery. This will help to know whether the nose surgery procedure will give good results in your case.

How to Avoid the Risks of Nose Surgery

The medical check up should include the following:

Medical History

The medical history is checked to rule out any possibility of bleeding disorder. The surgeon will ask questions related to the problems you had in your past, medications on which you were treated, duration of the problem etc.

Physical Examination

All blood tests are done in physical examination and the skin of the nose is analyzed deeply. The thickness of the skin and the strength of the cartilage are analyzed as this is going to affect the end results.

Pictures of Nose from Different Angles

Tips To Avoid The Risks Of Nose Surgery

The surgeon takes pictures from different angles. These pictures are used during the assessment and as a reference for the surgery.

Discuss your Queries and Expectations

All the queries should be discussed with the surgeon as this will make you comfortable during the process of surgery. The surgeon can also explain what is possible and what is not with the help of rhinoplasty.

Precautions for Nose Surgery

Before the start of the procedure of nose surgery, you need to follow some instructions like-

Do not take Certain Medicines

The medicines that contain aspirin and crocin should be avoided two weeks prior and after the surgery. This is due to the fact that these medicines provoke bleeding. You can take only those medicines that are approved by your surgeon.

Do not Smoke

If you are a smoker then you have to stop smoking till the whole process of surgery ends as smoking affects the healing power of a person.

Get Help from your Partner, Parents and Close Ones

As anesthesia will be given to you for nose surgery so will face subsequent lapses of memory, delay in reaction time and your judgment will be impaired. So always keep your partner, parents or a close friend near you to help you in personal care till the time you recover yourself from surgery.