Tips To Consider After Breast Surgery

post breast surgery precautions

Breast surgery can be done in an hour or so but not your recovery. You need to be very careful about different matters after your breast augmentation surgery is done. Some of the tips that will help you to recover from the phase of breast surgery are discussed here:

Tips to Care After Breast Surgery

Caretaker for at least 24 Hours

post breast surgery precautions

Your body has undergone a change so you need a caretaker at least for 24 hours with you as she can help you to do the basic necessities after surgery. The body becomes weak after surgery.

Wear Bras

Wear bras, size should be usually the one that you’d like to be having post surgery. Do not go for wearing a padded bra as it is not recommended post surgery.

Take Frequent Meals

Frequent light meals are recommended post surgery. Eat a piece of brown bread with peanut butter or dalia.Drinks can be tea,coffee,juices or soups.

Sleep in Right Posture

care after breast surgery

The posture of sleeping should be right .Do not sleep on your back or with a pillow. You can take right or left sides for your comfort but laying straight is the most recommended posture.

Wear easy to wear clothes

The clothes that you will wear post surgery should be easy to wear .Wear button up shirts and pull on pants so that no stress is laid on your arms muscles.

Use a pill-organizer Box

Pill organizer box will help you to take all your medicines timely as when the medicines are taken timely then you will recover soon. In case you do not want to use a pill organizer box then you can write down which medicines you have taken at what time and which one to take at a particular time. Alarms can be used for the next due medicine.

Keep a Heating Pad Near you

As you cannot change your sleeping positions frequently then your back may become sore due to a single posture for longer time. The use of heating pad on your back will help you to ease your pain and soreness.

Quit Smoking

Tips To Consider After Breast Surgery

In case you smoke then you should not do it as smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in your blood and slow down the process of recovery. In case the surgery is of breast lifting then it may lead to tissue death.

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Keep a stock of magazine, books and movies

As you cannot do your normal activities of your life for few days after surgery which will give you plenty of time. So keep yourself engaged in reading books, magazines and watching movies.But comedy movies and books are not recommended as the pectoral muscles will contract when you will laugh.

Buy Shea Butter Cream

Keep a shea butter cream or lotion and apply it on your breasts as the skin becomes dry due to stretching in surgery. But lotion should not be applied on incision till it is completely healed.

Avoid contact of water on incision

The water should not come into contact with incision as it may lead to bacterial infection. Avoid taking tub bath or shower and the water that you use on other part of the body should not be too hot or too cold.