Tips To Get Rid Of Upper Leg Cellulite

Cellulite is a common physical condition. Women have a tendency to develop cellulite more than men. Cellulite can be hereditary, but a sedentary lifestyle and rich diet also cause cellulite.
Cellulite is formed by accumulation of excess water and fat in connective tissues of the body and appears in form uneven lumps of pads on different parts of your body like upper legs or thighs, buttocks and the midsection. The skin looks dimpled and wrinkled with uneven bulges. Cellulite does not pose any health problems as such but it mars the beauty of your body and is something that you will not be proud of.

Getting rid of cellulite is a difficult task but with proper exercise and massage you can definitely reduce them to a large extent. Prevention is better than cure, try to prevent cellulite from forming by following a regime of proper diet and regular exercise.

How To Get Rid Of Upper Leg Cellulite?


Cardio Exercises

Brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, working on treadmill etc. are good cardio exercises. They stimulate blood circulation and help to reduce the fat deposits that create cellulite. You should do cardio exercise at least three times a day. Choose an activity as per your physical condition and age. Consult a physical trainer for guidance.

Strength Training Exercises

Squatting helps to strengthen the leg muscles and is an excellent way to reduce cellulite. Do it three times a week along with other exercises.

Weight training also helps to lessen upper leg cellulite. You should do weight training to target the upper legs like tying dumb bells on the ankles and lift them up. Start slowly and with lighter weights, gradually increase the weight as your muscles get stronger.

Leg lifts firms up the thigh muscles. You can do front leg lifts and side leg lifts to tone up your inner thighs.

Certain yoga asanas are beneficial for removing upper leg cellulite. Sarvanga asana, Uttanpada asana, Hala asana and Shalabh asana are specifically effective to get rid of cellulite. You must consult an expert before starting any kind of physical exercise.


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Rigorous massage with oil or cellulite reducing creams can help in a big way to reduce upper leg cellulite. Sesame oil is best for this purpose as it has the properties to melt the accumulated fat in the area and stimulate blood circulation. Do massage with circular movements and upward strokes. Put enough pressure on the thighs so that the skin becomes firm and smooth. Massage your upper leg area with a stiff brush while taking bath. Apply a scrub or soap and move the brush in circular motion. This will remove the stored impurities from the blood and help to lighten the cellulite.


Your diet should include fresh vegetables and fruits in form of salads, soup and juice to detoxify the body and rejuvenate it with good nutrients and minerals to maintain a young and healthy skin. Drink plenty of water to cleanse the bowels. Avoid fatty and processed foods. Switch to green tea or herbal tea instead of coffee.