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Feel ashamed of your so called thunder thighs? it extremely embarrassing to wear your favorite jeans, trousers and shortsbecause of your humongous thighs? If yes, then here is something that would help you out for sure.
Skinny Legs

Every one of us would love to have slim, slender and skinny legs that could fit into almost any and every kind of trouser, short or skirt. Sadly, that dream doesn’t materialize for many individuals who tend to develop huge thighs as a result of fat depositories that get locked down in and around the legs. But with the following simple tips given below, it would become easier to lose all that fat and get really skinny, slender legs, at home itself.

How To Get Skinny Legs At Home

Eating Right To Get Skinny Legs

Eating Right

A well balanced, nutritious diet would help satisfy your hunger without necessarily adding on extra weight to your body. And if you are intent losing those extra kilos in your legs, you need to opt for a diet that contains appropriate amounts of proteins, fiber, carbohydrates and fat as required by the body for normal bodily functions.Making sure that your meals stick to this balance would ensure proper weight while placing you in a calorie deficit zone. This in turn would make sure that your body receives only the minimum amount of calories it needs to function on a daily basis.

It pays to maintain a log that has a record of what and when you eat. Once you determine which foods would help you remain in the calorie deficit zone, you can stop maintaining the log and go on with your current diet.As you lose fat from your legs, you would need to start increasing your protein intake (in the form of foods or supplements) in order to substitute those regions with muscles. So make sure that you include foods like fish, turkey, skinless chicken breast and soy products to your existing diet for better results.

Exercises To Get Skinny Legs

A diet to lose weight would yield fruitful results only when combined with the right type of exercises. The same can be said for diets and exercises that are aimed at reducing excess fat from the legs. Keeping that in mind, here are some exercises that you can opt for in order to get skinny legs.Note that you would need to include high intensity workouts and resistance training into your existing exercise regime in order to burn fat in and around the legs.

Exercise 1 To Get Skinny Legs


Exercise 1

Opt for 1 minute sprints in between your regular walks or jogs. Accordingly, you would be able to target the legs effectively, if you include 5-6 one minute sprints or running bursts at regular intervals in a 30 minute walking or jogging session. Another way to lose thigh fat would be to opt for jump roping where you can sudden bursts at regular intervals to increase the intensity.

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Exercise 2 To Get Skinny Legs


Exercise 2

This workout involves standing with your feet wide apart (wider than the shoulder width). Carrying a dumbbell (medium weight) in your hand, bend your knees downward (lower your body) until they reach the toes. Remain in this position for 10 seconds before returning to your normal stance. Repeat the same for 10 times and perform 2 sets of 10 repetitions each.

Exercise 3 To Get Skinny Legs


Exercise 3

This is often called the ‘lunge’ and requires you to stand with your legs wide apart (wider than your shoulders). Turn your toes outward. Keeping your hands straight up in the air, bend down to a squatting position. Bring down your arms to shoulder height in the process.

Now twist your body to the left to resemble a lunge position. Remain in the same position for about 5 seconds before resuming the original squat position. Now twist your body to the right and repeat the same step. After completing one set (both on the left and right sides), raise your arms and body. Follow up with 10 sets.