Tips To Help Reduce Cyst Pain Naturally

Reduce Cyst Pain
Cysts can be very troublesome (and painful) issues to deal with and can lead to several health related ailments and conditions in women. Some of these include excessive weight gain, heavy menstrual bleeding, abdominal cramps, painful intercourse, and strained urination. Cysts can also lead to a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen and cause extreme discomfort and pain owing to the same.

Although cysts can be potentially harmful, they can be treated effectively with the correct blend of natural and medical remedies. Although there are standard medications and treatments for cyst pain, they would provide only temporary relief from the same. However, certain natural remedies can help you get immense relief from cyst pain without resorting to pills or painkillers.

These home remedies are often neglected by women owing to either lack of knowledge or lack of trust (they fail to trust the effectiveness of these remedies). So if you have been diagnosed with cysts and are wondering how you can cure the same with as few hassles as possible, look below for some of the best known natural remedies for cyst pain.

Tips To Help Reduce Cyst Pain Naturally

Changes In Your Existing Diet

Certain foods and drinks that you consume on a daily basis would actually aggravate ovarian swelling and pain instead of reducing it. So start avoiding those foods that can increase the swelling and cause more discomfort. These would include red meat, dairy products (stimulate the production of excess estrogen) and caffeinated drinks etc.

Switch over to a healthier, more nutritious diet that keeps you full for longer periods and provides the necessary nutrients and minerals needed by your body to function properly. A healthy, active and balanced body would also ensure a strong immune system which would in turn prevent any and every kind of infection from entering the body. A healthy body would also be able to fight off ovarian cysts and handle the symptoms of the same effectively.

Tips To Help Reduce Cyst Pain

Accordingly, make sure to add plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to your existing diet. You can opt for carrots, lettuce and tomatoes on a daily basis. Make it a point to consume plenty of salads as well. The above mentioned foods are diuretic agents that help to reduce ovarian cysts and the pain associated with the same.

Manage Stress

Increased stress levels can potentially aggravate the pain associated with ovarian cysts. So make it a point to de-stress at regular intervals in order to prevent ovarian cysts (and the pain that comes with them).

Accordingly, opt for yoga sessions, relaxation techniques, deep breathing exercises, music therapy or any other form of exercise or workout that would soothe your senses and bring your stress levels back to normal. You can also opt for herbal teas (green tea or chamomile tea) to get instant relief from stress and end up getting relief from cyst pain in the process.

Birth Control Options

If you have been regularly taking birth control pills and medications till now, you need to stop doing so immediately. Birth control pills and medications can potentially aggravate the ovarian swelling and can also cause the cyst to increase in size. It has been noted that one of the major reasons for enlarged ovarian cysts happens to be birth control pills.

So make sure you stop any birth control pills that you may be using. This would automatically curb the swelling and pain to a great extent (in cases where the cyst swelling and pain are triggered by the pills)

Dress Appropriately

Ovarian swelling due to cysts can become more irritable and painful if you tend to wear clothes that hug your waistline. For example, tight jeans, shorts or skirts can put more pressure on the ovarian swelling and cause more pain and discomfort. The best option for you in this case would be to opt for loose, airy cotton clothing until the swelling and pain decrease.