16 Tips To Improve Fertility In Females

16 Tips To Improve Fertility In Females

16 Tips To Improve Fertility In Females

What do you understand by fertility? As fertility of the soil refers to its growing capacity and nutrient levels; similarly a women’s fertility is a measure of her child bearing capacity. Fertility showcases the egg-releasing capacity and her chances of getting pregnant after a sexual intercourse. The different factors that affect a women’s fertility are advancing age (after 30 years of age the fertility of females starts to decrease), hormonal imbalance, any previous history of abortion or miscarriage, increased stress levels, smoking, intake of some specific medicines, excess alcohol intake etc.

Now-a-days medical science has advanced a lot and many ways are available to improve the fertility of women or help in conceiving; these include procedures like IVF (in-vitro fertilisation) and other medicines. We will have a brief look at different tips that help in improving fertility in females.

Here Are Some Tips To Improve Fertility In Females:

Manage Your Weight

Being overweight affects your fertility. Hence it is advised that you manage your weight and control it. However do not over do it. You should not become bony and skinny. Get to know what is your ideal weight your ideal body mass index and try achieving that goal.


Foods That Improve Fertility

Beans, whole milk products like paneer or even ice-cream; yes ice cream it helps, green leafy veggies like methi, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, iron rich seeds like flax seeds or pumpkin seeds, whole wheat products, olive oil etc. Foods which are rich in iron, proteins and good fats are known to be beneficial.


Give Your Body Something More; The Add-on Nutrition

In addition to foods that help in improving fertility, it is advisable you take a multi-vitamin supplement containing folate, biotin, vitamins etc.


Give Up On Smoking Completely

Smoking greatly affects the capacity of fertilising; therefore it is always recommended that you must stop smoking. It is also said that if the female is exposed to tobacco and smoke there are chances that the baby might be defected. Especially when you are planning a baby you and your partner both should give up on smoking. Also take care to keep yourself safe from any passive smoke as it is equally harmful.

Quit Smoking

Stress Is Bad Give Up On It

It is true, increased stress levels reduce fertility. Therefore stay stress free and relaxed. Also when you are planning a baby take a break, head out for a holiday with your partner, simply stay relaxed.


Expose Your Body To Early Morning Sunshine

Sunshine increases vitamin D levels and also regulates some hormone levels which improve the overall health and fertility.

Morning Sunshine

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are the super good fats which immensely improve your fertility. Foods rich in omega-3 fats are salmon fish, nuts like walnuts, avocado etc.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Reduce Caffeine Intake

Caffeine is known to cause decrease in ovulation and increase risk of abnormal pregnancy. Therefore drinks rich in caffeine like coffee, carbonated drinks etc. must be avoided or if consumed the quantity must be lowered.


Consider Exercising

Exercising keeps your body fit and improve release of certain hormones (e.g. insulin) which improve your over all fertility. Thus rather than having a dull sedentary lifestyle it is much better you exercise regularly.


Sleep Well

Sleep well, sleep sound and sleep enough. This will reduce stress and improve levels of hormones like estrogen and progesterone. These hormonal levels improve fertility in women.


Avoid Using Hormonal Pills When Not Necessary

Taking hormonal pills for small reasons like delaying periods or for unprotected sex and acting carelessly in initial years will affect the hormonal levels and cause hormonal imbalance in the body. This affects the fertility in women and their overall birth giving capacity of women.


Give Up On Unnecessary Popping Of Pills

Taking medication frequently for general pain or other small reasons affects your hormones; avoid it if possible.


Consider Acupuncture

Acupuncture therapy at some points improves the entire fertile health of the female. You might consult an expert for this.


Avoid Acidic Foods

An alkaline environment is better for sperm motility in the female’s body. Therefore you must try and avoid acidic foods like red meat etc.


Stop Over Usage Of Chemical Products During The Planning Time

Products like perfumed creams, some vaginal washes, hair removing creams etc. are high in chemicals and might affect sperm activity and sperm life in the female reproductive system.


Be Patient And Wait For The Good News

Finally the key to the good news is to stay patient and relaxed.

Stay Relaxed

The above mentioned tips are super beneficial to improve the fertility. If you still experience any problems in conceiving consult your gynaecologist.