There has been an unusual increase in the percentage of infertility cases over the last few decades. Nowadays, a lot of women seek treatment in order to conceive. Some of the main reasons behind this include high stress level and less time for the couples to spend with each other due to their busy schedules and tiresome routine.


Though it’s an easy and natural process for many, it is always wise to know how to increase the chances of conceiving even if you don’t have any fertility problems. Here are a few tips which can help to a large extent in increasing the chances of getting pregnant:

How to Increase the Chances of Getting Pregnant

Good Health

Good health is very important to conceive a baby. You must maintain a healthy lifestyle if you are trying to get pregnant. A woman who is trying to become a mother should eat a healthy and balanced diet. Her diet must consist of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and nuts in order to keep the body healthy.

Healthy Lifestyle

Appropriate Weight

By good weight, it means that the weight of the woman should neither be too heavy nor too light as per the height as both can prove hurdles in conceiving. So, it’s always recommended to maintain normal weight according to one’s height for conceiving easily.Over weight women should be extra cautious about this and should shed their extra kilos if they plan to conceive.

Maintain Weight

Know Your Ovulation Time

Another important thing that can increase your chances of getting pregnant is by keeping a track of the ovulation time and planning accordingly.

Pregnancy may not be possible if the woman is not ovulating. It is wise to buy an ovulation kit which will help you to determine your ovulation cycles.

Know Your Ovulation Time

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Have Sex during Ovulation Period

It is important to have sex when you are ovulating. We know that sex is not just an activity that you do just to conceive. However, if you plan to conceive and know your ovulation time, then you can plan sex more precisely which increases the chances of getting pregnant. Make sure that you are not putting too much pressure on your body while you are having sex.

Have Sex during Ovulation Period

Avoid Harmful Habits

It is wise to avoid all the harmful habits that might reduce the chances of conceiving. Limit the consumption of caffeine and avoid smoking and alcohol intake as well. It is also important to avoid potentially dangerous prescription medicines and recreational drugs. If you are trying to conceive while on medication, then you should first consult a physician to check if your medicine is safe or not for conceiving.

Nowadays, many women face fertility issues and difficulty in getting pregnant. When you are trying to become pregnant, it is wise to know how to enhance the chances of conceiving. It is advisable to pay a visit to a doctor and also get a preconception check up. Even after trying all the above tips, if you remain unsuccessful, then you must visit a fertility specialist. Your doctor can understand the anatomy of your body and give you medications accordingly to enhance the chances of conceiving.

Avoid Harmful Habits