Tips To Prepare For Pregnancy After Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy A complication of pregnancy when the embryo becomes planted outside the uterine cavity is defined as eccysis or an ectopic pregnancy. These pregnancies aren’t viable, although there are rare exceptions. Moreover, a life-threatening complication is internal hemorrhage due to which, these pregnancies are dangerous for the mother.

Implantations can occur in the abdomen, ovaries and cervix, but it’s the Fallopian tube (tubal pregnancy) where most ectopic pregnancies tend to occur. An ectopic pregnancy can cause death if it’s not treated urgently because it’s a medical emergency. After a woman has undergone ectopic pregnancy, it becomes a priority for them to become pregnant again. However, they become worried and anxious when they do get pregnant again.

Tips To Prepare For Pregnancy After Ectopic Pregnancy

Chances of a Successful Pregnancy In Future

The health of the tubes can affect the chances of successful pregnancy. Usually, conception is possible. Within 18 months of ectopic pregnancy, around 65% women become pregnant. According to some studies, in 2 years, the figure increases to 85%.

Tests For Ensuring Ectopic Pregnancy Doesn’t Occur Again

After several attempts of trying to conceive without success, any real tests can be undertaken. A health care provider has to be visited to discuss the issue if women are unable to get pregnant after a year of trying or after six months if they are older than 35.

How To Deal With Swollen And Sore Breasts

The evidence of ovulation may have to be established by conducting blood tests or a Hysterosalpingogram test (HSG) may also have to be performed. Women often wonder why this particular test isn’t performed immediately after an ectopic surgery. Nevertheless, majority of the doctors will not recommend this test until women have failed to conceive for about 12 months or more.

Chances of Another Ectopic Pregnancy

There are about 10% chances of a repeat ectopic pregnancy for women in the UK. However, this can be influenced by any underlying damage that has been done to the tube or the type of surgery that has been performed. After undergoing subsequent ectopic pregnancies, the risks tend to rise.

How Can Ectopic Pregnancy Be Prevented

There is little that can be done for preventing another ectopic pregnancy because the possibility of another ectopic pregnancy is determined by the tubal damage done in the past rather than the present.

Pregnancy Test

Nonetheless, if a woman feels that she is suffering from ongoing pelvic infections, the chances of a future ectopic pregnancy can be reduced by choosing to getting tested and taking an antibiotic treatment. It is well known that no symptoms exist of some pelvic infections like Chlamydia Trachomatis.

Is Fertility Affected By Ectopic Pregnancy

This is the question plaguing most women and the answer is that fertility may indeed be affected by an ectopic pregnancy. The chances of conceiving aren’t reduced if the fallopian tubes haven’t been damaged because of the ectopic pregnancy and instead of being actively treated (expectant management), it has only been monitored.


Chances of conceiving might be reduced slightly in the case that any one of the tubes have been damaged a little bit or ruptured.So don’t worry if you had suffered from ectopic pregnancy earlier, with the right guidance, you can have a healthy pregnancy!

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