5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin During Pregnancy

5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin During Pregnancy

5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin During Pregnancy

People say that your skin becomes radiant and starts glowing when you are pregnant. This is definitely true for many females; however the irony for other pregnant ladies is the bunch of skin problems that come along pregnancy. It is well known that during pregnancy the body undergoes a number of hormonal changes; hence there is a sudden burst of acne and pimple. Oily skin further contributes to this. Stress and body changes cause number of skin problems in pregnant females. Here are some tips for you so that you can enjoy the arrival of your little one without worrying about your skin.

Following 5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin During Pregnancy:

Moisturizing Regularly

As your belly starts growing, skin begins to stretch and there is development of stretch marks. This might cause itching and dryness of the belly skin. In some extreme cases even blisters appear. Even though it is difficult to prevent stretch marks from appearing, it is important that you regularly keep your skin moisturised. Any moisturiser which contains cocoa butter or shea butter gives good outcomes. Moisturizing will minimize itching and also reduce the stretch marks. Applying sunscreen regularly of SPF15; that is not very strong is essential. Sunscreen use will reduce blemishes and dark spots from appearing and will also reduce wrinkle from appearing. If your skin is oily choose a suitable sunscreen which is water based and less oily. There are a number of stretch mark creams also available in market; but their effect and outcomes are not really validated and known.

Moisturize Your Skin Regularly

Keep A Watch On Acne Growth

Hormonal changes usually cause acne and pimple development during pregnancy. Also in some females the skin tends to get more oily than normal. In such cases it is better that you control your pimples in the very beginning or else they just start growing exponentially. A mild antibiotic in low dose such as erythromycin can be used; however it is better to avoid medications during pregnancy as it might affect the baby unless very important. Use natural products like neem, tulsi, aloe vera to reduce bacterial growth and prevent acne from spreading. Also calamine lotion helps in maintaining the skin’s natural oil balance. If home remedies don’t work for your pimples you can use a topical acne cream but under strict guidance of your doctor.

 Treating Acne

Always Stay Hydrated And Eat Healthy

Drinking lots and lots will keep your body free from toxins, thus reducing acne from growing and spreading. Intake of fluid will reduce dryness of the skin. Eating well balanced nutritious food and avoiding junk will keep your skin soft and radiant. Consume foods that contain lots of iron, vitamins, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients; these will really help your skin.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Avoid Overuse Of Cosmetics

We know that cosmetics are after all chemicals and contain some ingredients which might penetrate the skin and affect the baby’s growth. Always read the labels for their contents before purchasing cosmetics especially during pregnancy. Some brands have an exclusive pregnancy range of cosmetics; see if you can find them. Make sure during pregnancy the cosmetics are free from salicylic acid and retinoids. Using hair removal creams and bleaching products should be minimised during pregnancy as they tend to enter the blood via skin and reach the baby which can be harmful.

Avoid Overuse Of Cosmetics

Main A Good Skin Care Regime

Ideally a good skin care regime includes cleansing, toning and moisturising your skin regularly. This practice prevents dirt accumulation and reduces acne and black heads. Use light products preferably organic or herbal ones for your skin. Along with moisturising and putting sunscreen, a matte based concealer and blusher will work wonders and give perfect finish to your skin. It will hide any wrinkles and not-so-perfect marks on your face. Avoid using cosmetics that are heavy in oil content to avoid pimples. You can also use natural face packs containing fruits (papaya), honey, milk, egg whites etc. for your skin care regime. These natural facials leave your skin glowing and smooth without using any chemical cosmetics.


The above mentioned tips will help you with your pregnancy skin care regime. However it is essential that you should be aware so as to what is right and what is harmful for your skin during pregnancy. For e.g. you should avoid any cosmetic chemical face masks or procedures during pregnancy. Avoid chemical exposure and laser treatments as much as you can. Along with it staying stress free will prevent wrinkles from developing and will keep you fit and fresh. Stay active and perform moderate exercise as it improves blood circulation which contributes to a lovely skin.