Top 10 Breast Cancer Facts

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women which often leads to dreadful consequences. Statistics released by American Cancer Society states that about 2, 00,000 cases of breast cancer are reported annually in US. Breast cancer can also affect men, but the percentage is very low.

According to the estimates released by National Cancer Institute, more than 40,000 people will die of breast cancer in the year 2012 of which 90% is women. The silver lining amidst this gloomy picture is that there are more than 2.5 million survivors of this dreadful disease in US.

Declining death rate from breast cancer past five years has also been reported; thanks to the early detection techniques and advanced mode of treatments. Every woman should be aware of the vital breast cancer facts that will help them to prevent this disease.

Top 10 breast cancer facts

Reasons Behind Breast Cancer Is Still Unknown

Breast cancer in women is mostly associated with certain risk factors. Certain changes in the DNA of the cells can cause breast cancer, but the reasons behind such changes are yet to be confirmed.

Formation Of Breast Lumps Is The Common Symptom Of Breast Cancer

Most cases of breast cancer arise from the development of breast lumps.  The cancerous breast lumps are mostly painless. Other symptoms like deformation of nipples and abnormal secretion from nipples accompany with breast cancer.

Certain Risk Factors Are Responsible For Breast Cancer

The causes of breast cancer may be uncertain, but oncologists have confirmed certain risk factors that can increase the chances of breast cancer significantly. Gender, age, genetic factors, heredity, obesity, ethnicity, hormonal changes, dense breast tissue, lifestyle and dietary habits are some of the vital factors associated with the incidences of breast cancer in women.

Breast Cancer Is Associated With The Genetic Abnormality

Women carrying mutated variants of BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are likely to develop breast cancer. The normal BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are cancer preventive in function. They synthesize special proteins that prevent normal cells from turning into cancerous. But the mutated variants increase the risk of breast cancer significantly.

Risk Of Breast Cancer Increases With Age

Though very little information can be gathered about the relation between aging and breast cancer, but changes in the breast cell micro environment with aging can be a contributing factor for this disease. Therefore, the risk of breast cancer grows exponentially with aging.

Lifestyle Changes Can Reduce The Breast Cancer Risk Significantly

Researches based on statistics clearly indicate that following an unhealthy lifestyle can raise the risk of breast cancer in women. Your chances of breast cancer fall drastically if you quit unhealthy addictions like smoking and drinking. Studies have also revealed that nations following a diet low in fat have lower incidences of breast cancer, though the relation between low fat diet and breast cancer is not yet established.

Most Of The Abnormal Growths In The Breast Are Benign

Breast Cancer

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Breast lumps can appear due to many reasons and 4 out of 5 lumps are benign. Breast lumps appear and disappear in different phases in a woman’s life most of which do not carry any risk of breast cancer. Any type of breast lump should be properly evaluated by a doctor to rule out the possibilities of breast cancer.

Survival Rates After Diagnosis Of Breast Cancer Is On The Rise

Incidences of breast cancer across the globe present a scary picture, and it is the second leading killer disease in US. But early cancer detection tests, breast cancer awareness and advanced treatments have resulted in an appreciable increase in the survival rates from this deadly disease. Though the survival rates from breast cancer largely depend upon the particular stage of cancer, but statistics collected past one decade do reveal a hopeful situation.

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Early Detection Of Breast Cancer Can Save Lives

Doctors and oncologists strongly believe that early detection of breast cancer through different screening tests can save thousands of lives every year. Women aged above 40 should follow the guidelines laid by the American Cancer Society and go for regular screening tests for breast cancer to prevent dreadful consequences in the future.

Breast Size Has No Relation With Breast Cancer

Many are of the view that women with larger busts have a higher risk of breast cancer. Breast cancer has no relation with bust size but is related with dense breast tissue. Women with dense breast tissue have lesser fatty tissues, which raises the risk of breast cancer. Often, mammograms fail to detect abnormalities in the breast due to dense breast tissue.

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