Top 10 Breast Cancer Prevention Tips

Top 10 Breast Cancer Prevention Tips

Cancer is a deadly fatal disease that causes a large number of deaths all over the world. The main cease of this disease is an uncontrolled growth of body cells, which causes formation of cancer tissue that can spread to other body parts. Although early diagnosis can help in treating the disease, the condition remains undetected in most cases. Breast cancer is a major health problem for women that can lead to death. The disease is caused by genetic and environmental factors. The treatment of cancer is very difficult and the patient undergoes lot of agony and suffering due to it. The best option is preventing cancer so that it doesn’t occur in the first place. We will give some tips for preventing breast cancer.

Following Are The Top 10 Breast Cancer Prevention Tips:

Early Detection

The treatment of any disease becomes easy when it is detected in proper time. Many women remain unaware that they have breast cancer. Do self-examination of breast to check lumps and tissue mass in breast. Get regular mammogram testing done at the hospital.

early detection

Take A Healthy Diet

The best way to prevent any disease is taking a healthy diet containing nutrients that nourish the body. Take foods that contain antioxidants, which are cancer-fighting nutrients. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Avoid fatty and sugary foods. Eat cruciferous vegetables and healthy fats.

Healthy Diet

Control Body Weight

The risk of breast cancer increases after menopause. Women who are obese at this stage of life due to stopping of periods are more likely to have breast cancer. Thus, it is important to control obesity. Control your body weight with diet and exercise. The ideal body mass index or BMI value should be less than 25.


Avoid Radiation Exposure

Radiation exposure is one of the main reasons of breast cancer. Women are exposed to radiation during screening tests with X-rays. Some people get radiation at airport during security checks. You can prevent breast cancer by avoiding radiation exposure.

avoid radiation

Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

Avoid Hormone Treatments

Women who undergo hormone treatments for preventing menopause problems are likely to suffer from breast cancer. Avoid taking hormone tablets, as they are prepared artificially in laboratory. Avoid hormone treatments for menopause in order to prevent breast cancer.


Avoid Chemicals

Exposure to chemicals found in daily household items like hair spray, cosmetics, paints, charred foods, adhesive, household cleaners, smoke, dyes and pesticides increase the risk of breast cancer. Avoiding exposure to chemicals will prevent breast cancer.

exposer chemicals on hair

Avoid GMO Foods

Foods that contain genetically modified organisms or GMO can cause breast cancer. These foods contain high amount of herbicides with carcinogen properties. Thus, you should protect yourself from breast cancer by avoiding GMO foods.

avoid gmo food

Do Regular Exercise

Exercise can prevent any disease including breast cancer. Increase your physical activities and do body movements. Exercise and workout controls body weight and prevents bad estrogens responsible for causing breast cancer. Do walking, cycling or any other exercise for half an hour daily.

Start Your Monday With Exercise

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is bad for men and women both. Women who drink alcohol are likely to suffer from breast cancer. You should avoid alcohol. Reduce its intake slowly and try to quit the addiction completely. Take maximum one drink if you can’t leave alcohol. Even harmless looking drinks like beer and wine are dangerous for you so avoid all alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol Intake

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is not done by men only but a large number of women smoke cigarettes today. This dangerous habit can cause breast cancer. You need to quit smoking completely. Women need to avoid smoking in order to prevent cancer of breast.

avoid smoking