Top 10 Causes Of Irregular Menstrual Periods

irregular menstrual periods

Top 10 Causes Of Irregular Menstrual Periods Irregular menstrual periods are quite common among women. The medical term for irregular periods is ‘Oligomenorrhea’. Oligomenorrhea or irregular menstrual periods refer to period which occurs after a period of 35 days. Although irregular periods causes concern but most of the times, the causes of irregular periods are not threatening.

They can be taken care of with the help of medication and some lifestyle changes. Following are some of the major causes behind irregular periods.

Causes of Irregular Menstrual Periods

Hormonal Imbalance

Throughout her reproductive years, a woman goes through many roller coaster rides including menarche, pregnancy, breast feeding, perimenopause and menopause. These events are generally associated with hormonal imbalances in body which manifest themselves in the form of irregular or missed periods.

Weight Gain or Loss

Sudden weight gain or weigh loss also leads to irregular periods because these fluctuations in the status of weight disturbs the hormone levels in the body and affect their functioning too. Generally women who have lost weight drastically experience irregular periods. Sometimes women who have gained weight drastically also experience irregular periods.

Eating Disorders

Top 10 Causes Of Irregular Menstrual Periods

Some eating disorders like anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa can also cause irregular periods because not having normal and nutritious diet can lead to fluctuations in hormone levels and can also adversely affect body’s crucial functioning like Basal Metabolic Rate of body, etc.

Over Exercising

Over exercising also throws body’s normal functioning out of gear and causes irregular periods. Endurance athletes, who exercise a lot, often face the problem of irregular periods.

Thyroid Disorder

Women suffering from thyroid disorder also experience irregular periods because thyroid hormones affect the metabolism rate of our body and in return affect the menstrual cycle as well.


Breastfeeding also affects the levels of hormones and disturbs their normal balance which leads to regular menstrual cycle. Most women get their periods only after stopping breastfeeding to their babies.

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At the time of menarche most of the girls experience irregular periods. The newly released hormonal levels in the body take time to settle down and get regulated. Generally, girls experience irregular periods for first two three years and then gradually the cycle gets regulated.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Top 10 Causes Of Irregular Menstrual Periods


PCOS is a health condition in which numerous cysts develop in the ovaries and alter the delicate hormonal balance in the body. It leads to many symptoms including weight gain, acne growth, irregular or no periods at all, excessive hair growth on body, etc.

Before Menopause

In the perimenopause period, women experience irregular periods. Since the hormone levels begin to fluctuate in the body due to impending menopause, the regular cycle breaks down and leads to irregular periods.


A woman’s mental condition affects her menstrual cycle also so if a woman is under severe stress it may lead to irregular periods. Regular exercises, breathing exercises and meditation can help lower down stress levels and can help in regulating periods. If you have been experiencing irregular periods than do not hesitate to consult with your doctor about the same and get appropriate treatment.