Reasons For Fatigue In Women

Fatigue is a common problem among men and women worldwide. If you experience weakness or fatigue rarely you don’t have to worry. Also if the reason for fatigue is obvious and simple, you should not worry. For example if you do not get proper sleep or adequate sleep at night you are surely going to experience fatigue and tiredness. Experts believe that people who sleep less such as only 4 to 5 hours a day may be prone to experience fatigue. But if you sleep for 8 hours daily; yet you experience fatigue, it is a matter of concern and you should do something about it otherwise it would affect your performance and life badly.

In most cases, fatigue is a symptom of some underlying health conditions. If you are a woman, your reason for fatigue would be different from men. To get rid of fatigue you need to be aware of the causes of fatigue in women. Given below are top 10 reasons for fatigue in women.

1) Anemia


Women who bleed heavily during their periods usually suffer from fatigue symptoms. When you bleed heavily, deficiency of hemoglobin occur in your system. Hemoglobin is iron rich protein in red blood cells and these blood cells play vital role in carrying oxygen to throughout your system. When deficiency of hemoglobin occurs due to heavy discharge, your tissues and organ cells do not get sufficient amount of oxygen. Due to lack of oxygen you feel very tired and experience fatigue.

Not only due to heavy menstruation but loss of blood may occur due to various other reasons such as delivery of a child, having fibroid tumors etc. You should eat iron rich foods and take iron supplements in case of heavy loss of blood. Iron helps a lot in the formation of hemoglobin and in supplying oxygen to all parts of your body. Thus you can combat fatigue with the sufficient intake of iron.

2) Deficiency Of B Vitamins

Women who are deficient in B Vitamins usually experience fatigue and weakness. B Vitamins play vital role in converting foods into energy. Many women experience fatigue despite eating a healthy diet. Its main reason could be that their diet does not get converted into energy. Deficiency of B Vitamins slows down your metabolic process which eventually causes weakness, fatigue and also leads to weight gain.

Deficiency Of Vitamin B1 Is Cause Of Fatigue

Vitamin B1, which is also known as thiamine, plays vital role in converting carbohydrate, fats etc into fuel (energy). Its deficiency prevents foods from getting converted into fuel (energy) which causes fatigue and weakness. You should consume pork, organ meats, wheat germs, legumes etc to obtain this vitamin. Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, too converts foods into energy. Its deficiency also causes pernicious anemia which eventually leads to fatigue, loss of balance, mood swings, numbness, shortness of breath etc. You should consume foods such as eggs, organ meats, dairy products, fish, pork etc to get this vitamin.

Deficiency Of Vitamin B2 Is Cause Of Fatigue

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) deficiency also causes fatigue and weakness. This vitamin helps a lot in converting foods into energy. It plays vital role in the production of red blood cells which is essential to carry oxygen to all parts of your body. Eggs, wheat germ, spinach, organ meats, milk, soybeans etc are good sources of Vitamin B2.

Deficiency Of Vitamin B3 Is Cause Of Fatigue

Vitamin B3, also known as niacin, is vital for energy and for the proper functioning of your nervous system. It converts carbohydrates and fats into energy. Its deficiency causes fatigue and several other mental disorders. Due to excess consumption of alcohol, deficiency of niacin occurs in your body. Vitamin B3 is also necessary for the production of sex hormones and to lower bad cholesterol. This vitamin is found in sunflower seeds, peanuts, fish, eggs etc.

3) Kidney Diseases

Kidney Disease Is Cause Of Fatigue

Kidney diseases also cause fatigue in women. Hence if you experience fatigue continuously, despite taking B Vitamins, you should go for your kidney test.

4) PMS

PMS Is Cause Of Fatigue

PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) also causes fatigue. It affects your mood and energy levels. Most women experience fatigue and irritability before or during menstruation. However, by doing regular exercise and eating healthy diet you can overcome fatigue to great extent. If you walk for nearly half an hour it would produce feel good hormones in your brain which would allow you to overcome fatigue.

5) Underactive Thyroid

Underactive Thyroid Is Cause Of Fatigue

Under-active thyroid is also known as Hypothyroidism. It is a thyroid disorder that causes weight gain, fatigue and various other health problems. When hormone thyroxin is produced less than your requirement you suffer from hypothyroidism. This slows your metabolic rate and cause obesity and fatigue. You should take proper measures to keep thyroid hormones in balance to overcome fatigue and to get rid of obesity.

6) Undiagnosed Heart Disease

Undiagnosed Heart Disease Is Cause Of Fatigue

If you are facing heart problems or heart diseases you are likely to experience fatigue. Heart disease causes fatigue and makes you feel exhausted on minor physical work. Consult your doctor if you feel deprived of energy after cleaning your room or after doing a simple household work.

7) Undiagnosed Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Undiagnosed UTI Is Cause Of Fatigue

Urinary Tract Infection is another leading cause of fatigue in women. The problem is that most women do not know that they are suffering from urinary tract infection. If you experience burning sensation or some other problems in your urinary tract, consult your doctor. This problem is mostly caused by bacteria which often develop due to improper hygiene related to bathroom. At the time of sexual intercourse such bacteria is pushed inside from vagina into the urethra. If you are diagnosed with UTI, take its proper treatment.

8 ) Adrenal Exhaustion

Adrenal Exhaustion Is Cause Of Fatigue

Less production of some hormones such as norepinephrine, cortisol etc also cause fatigue. Cortisol is a hormone that stimulates the energy of your system. Its deficiency occurs when your adrenal glands produce low levels of this hormone. In medical terms this condition is called as adrenal exhaustion. It also causes memory and brain disorders. However this problem is treatable hence consult your doctor.

9) Food Intolerance

Food Intolerance Is Cause Of  Fatigue

In most women food intolerance is also a common cause of fatigue. If you suffer from this problem, avoid foods that cause this problem.

10) Excess Consumption Of Caffeine

Excess Consumption Of Caffeine

Excess consumption of caffeine also causes fatigue and acidity. If you are addicted to it and consume caffeine too much, avoid it. If you are unable to decide what is causing fatigue, consult your doctor.