Top 10 Tips For Healthy Winter Skin

Winter is not always good for the skin although we get the relief from the sun heat but the cold wind take the same from our skin , the moisture in the air is not there in the winter so our skin get itchy and nevertheless it is not good for the skin , many people has the problem of dry skin and rashes and this could make some trouble and an extra care must be there for these type of the skin here are some of the tips that will help us to fight with the dry skin in the winter.

Top 10 Tips For Healthy Winter Skin:

Consult A Dermatologist 

In winter there is no moisture in the atmosphere hence the air takes the moisture from the skin so the skin become dry, some people don’t know which type of the skin they have so as soon possible run to a dermatologist and check that which type of skin you have now you come to know about your skin , you can care your skin according to the prescription prescribed from the  doctor, it will save your skin from the roughness of the season.

Proper Moisturizing

Winter take all the moisture from the skin and leaves a dryness on the skin , slightly white mark on the skin and a type of  the itching is always whenever our skin is properly moisturized , to get rid from this we must have the good moisturizer which will give moisture to our skin and our skin looks healthy and glow during winter also.
  Moisturizing The Skin

Apply Sun Scream

It is a myth that suns cream is only for the summer season , but in fact suns cream is also effective in the winter, whenever you are going out always apply a suns cream before 45 mins , this will properly moisture your skin as well as it will gives you better protection with the uv rays as these rays is harmful in winter also.

Care Your Hands

Skin of the hand is very sensitive as to the skin of other body parts , our skin on the hands get white  so we must wear proper gloves when we go outside , whenever wash our hands we always apply lotion on the hands .
  Care Your Hands

Don’t Use Wet Clothes

Do not wear wet clothes in the winter , its will give you cold and the contacted body part get easily contaminated and it will give the skin rashes  , pigments , white marks and many more skin problems.
  Don't Use Wet Clothes


Always place humidifiers in the home as it will give you more moisture inside the room which will give you feeling of the summer and the warm air comes form  it gives your skin a little bit of relax and your skin will have a better motorization.

Drinking Water

Our body is mostly made of the water and if we drink the plenty of the water our body system works good , this will gives us the glowy skin , water is not only good for the healthy skin but for the digestion system also.
  Drinking Water

Feet Care 

Your feet is also the most sensitive skin you must properly applied glycerin or any other lotion so that your feet look attractive and the no skin will be there.
  Feet Care

Pace The Peel

Peel of mask is another better way to moisturized your skin , alcohol based peel mask or any other moisturizer peel mask will give attractive look to your skin.

No Super Hot Baths 

although super hot bath is a sign of relief in the winter but the fact is that super hot bath is always bad for the skin as the many of the tissues will get damaged by super hot bath, take normal hot bath but don’t go for the super hot bath.