Top 4 Premenstrual Signs

Premenstrual Signs

Do you often wonder how is it that you were laughing and happy just an hour back and now you are upset and just want to cry? Do you fail to understand that why do you crave for a particular food just suddenly? If your answer to these questions is yes, you do not have to worry because the reason is simple-these are the pre menstrual signs or PMS.

Now every girl/lady would agree with me here when I say that those 5 days of our periods are the most annoying days for us. No matter if you have cramps or pain, there is just that discomfort we feel, about which nothing much can be done. However, our periods are followed by the PMS, which are only indicators to tell us that our period is due.

Human body has been designed in a fantastic fashion. Our own body is capable of telling us what is happening inside it. Just like it we have headaches and body ache before a viral fever and we know that we are going to fall sick, our body has indicators to tell us about our menstrual cycle too. Some pre menstrual signs are mentioned below.

Signs & Symptoms Of Premenstrual

Unexplained Headaches

No, you have not had a bad, tiring day, nor have you disturbed your sleeping pattern, neither have you been hungry for a long gap, then why this spasmodic headache? Ever wonder about this? The truth is that the reason for these unexplained headaches is that your cycle is due.

Unexplained Headaches

The reason that we have headaches also called as ‘Menstruation migraines’ are because the hormones oestrogen and progesterone drop to their lowest during these days triggering a headache. It has been seen that almost 70% women suffer from these kinds of headaches.

To beat this or bring it under your control, you could go out for walks in an open space against the wind. It will definitely help you feel better. If the headache is acute and severe, you could take painkillers to provide you some relief.


These are the days that we do not feel like dressing up because suddenly our clothes do not fit us right. It can get very annoying for women because there is bloating which makes us feel lethargic. Looking at the mirror is also not liked by women as they can see swelling on their faces and neck.


Bloating also happens on the abdomen and the feet at times. This is a very common pre menstruation sign, experienced by almost 90% of the women. Water retention happens when your period is due. The change in the hormonal level in the body during this time has been stated as the main reason for bloating during menses.

Bloating can be overcome by simple things like reducing the salt intake and eating the right food. However, bloating before the cycle is not really under our control and not much can be done about it. However, as soon as your cycle begins you will start feeling the loss in this ‘water weight.’

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Mood Swings

All the pretty ladies should be probably wearing t-shirts warning the world about these mood swings. Women are like volcanoes ready to erupt in a fury at one moment and like a melting chocolate the other. It is impossible to predict how a woman will react in a given situation. Also do not be surprised if you found her singing and smiling just ten minutes back and crying and fighting now. It happens; mood swings are very common during the pre menstruation time.

Mood Swings

Most of the time, women are experiencing lows and are very vulnerable. They get angry easily, seem to have lost their sense of humor and are often seen to pick fights. What annoys them most is the feeling of not having any control over their erratic behaviour. The reason for this is again attributed to the drop of the female hormones, which can cause a lot of changes in the behaviour.

Mood swings are to be handled with utmost love and care. The partner and the people should understand and allow them space during this time, leave them alone if they ask you to. Women on the other hand can do activities that will help them channelize their uncontrollable moods in a better way. Indulge in things that make you happy. Cook a meal. Read a book or just listen to music. Once your period starts you will find yourself begin to relax.

Tenderness Of The Breasts

Another pre menstrual sign is the pain in the breasts. Women experience swollen breasts and even the lightest of touch causes a lot of pain. Breasts become heavy and even wearing a brassiere becomes extremely difficult and painful. This is a classic sign of periods that are due.

Tenderness Of The Breasts

The reason for sore and heavy breasts is water retention and change in the hormonal levels. After ovulation, the body prepares the breasts for production of milk by secreting the hormone prolactin which leads to heavy breasts. Doing a few light stretching exercises will help you to relieve the pain. Also wear comfortable and loose clothing that does not aggravate your pain.