Top 5 Herbs For Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a sensitive period. A woman should be extra cautious about her health in this time so that her pregnancy period is smooth and uncomplicated. Extra care should be taken about the food because what a woman eats is an important point of concern for a pregnant woman. Normal three or four time meal does not work in this situation. Extra nutrients, minerals and vitamins are needed by the body for a strong immune system.

The health of the mother as well as the baby is important. If a pregnant woman does not eat properly, it can affect the baby’s health. If one can afford, it is good to appoint a specialized dietician forthe diet chart which would keep the woman healthy in this time. Proper rest and proper diet make the journey of pregnancy quite easy.

Taking herbs during pregnancy is an intelligent choice, but how much positive result it will give to you and your baby, it is important to be well-versed with different herb types and the way they are taken. The herbs that are known to be safe for usagein pregnancy are often tonic herbs. These are typically taken in the form of tea, tablet or infused form.

Here Are Some Of The Herbs Which Are Essential For A Pregnant Woman:

1. Oats Straw

This is a common herb which is recommended by many diet experts.It is rich in magnesium and calcium primarily. Anxiety is a common problem during pregnancy. This herb helps in fighting anxiety a lot and reduces it level upto a great extent. It helps in fighting restlessness also. Many women also suffer from irritation in various parts of the skin. Oat straw reduces irritation in skin.

Oats Straw

2. Red Clover

Red clover is an excellent herb for fertility mainly due to the ample quantity ofmagnesium and calcium it contains. These minerals are known for positively affecting a woman’s capability to conceive. Red clover contains every minute element required by the glandular system. This is an alkalizing herb. It balances the hormones responsible for conception in a great way.

Red Clover

3. Stinging Nettle

This is also one of the renowned fertility herb. It provides nourishment to the uterus and strengthens adrenal glands and kidney. If someone is a coffee lover, then this herb isthe best for them. More than two cups of this high mineral tea prepares a woman’s bodywell for overall process of pregnancy. The best part is it contains lots of chlorophyllwhich is a famous detoxifier.

Stinging Nettle

4. Ginger Root

This herb is very effective especially in winters. Nausea and vomiting are quite common in pregnancy. Taking ginger root every morning can reduce these symptoms for the same day. It may be bad in taste, but does magic in controlling the vomiting frequency throughout the day.Therefore elders suggest to have ginger in the early morning with tea is good for health.

Ginger Root

5. Red Raspberry

The wild Red Raspberry leaves are quite rich in calcium. Just Like Nettle, Red Raspberry leaves are a perfect uterine tonic which makes it a very effective fertility herb.The fertility improving advantages of Red Raspberry are doubled if it combined with other herbs, especially Red Clover.To make a powerful recipe of this herb, Keep 12 ounce Red Clover and 12 ounce Red Raspberry in half cup of hot water
for 2-3 hours. Keep the unused portions in freeze post cooling. This drink is quite effective in pregnancy.

Red Raspberry