Top 5 Home Remedies For Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is a very worst thing that can happen to anybody. This Food poisoning, appears especially during festivals such as Christmas, Diwali etc., eating too much of sweets, snacks without any break. You might also get food poisoning due to eating heavy north Indian or south Indian dishes or any kind of dishes at hotels or restaurants; or the food stalls where you will not control yourself to eat food such as – samosas, gobi manchuris, pakodas, shev puri, bhel puri and so on.

When you suffer from food poisoning, you will get severe stomach pain, indigestion and acidity as well; further you may wish to consult doctor to cure this intolerable stomach pain. There is no necessary to consult doctor and undertake various medications for such type of stomach pain; you can follow the below mentioned simple and excellent home remedies that will help you to recover or get rid of food poisoning so on.

Excellent Home Remedies For Food Poisoning

Lemon Juice

First treatment to cure food poisoning is to use the lemon juice. Take a full glass of water, squeeze lemon as per the requirement to the glass you take adding sugar is required to give good taste to the lemon water.

Lemon Juice

You can also add cardamom powder, if you like to append the smell to the lemon water. Once, all ingredients are added up, you can drink this lemon juice to get rid of food poisoning.

Garlic Effect


Ginger and garlic are also very good medicines, which works well in the treatment of food poisoning. You can intake both these ginger and garlic either with chapattis,tenduri rotis, rice or any food that you eat. You can use them in any dishes you prepare.

Ginger Tea

It is good to drink ginger tea that will help to cure many diseases such as cold, cough, and so on. Ginger tea is the best medicine for food poisoning.

Ginger Tea

Preparing ginger tea is very easy- just pour half cup of water put small ginger pieces tea bag or tea powder add sugar as per requirement, once the water starts to boil, add half cup of milk ginger tea is ready. Drink this tea and get rid of food poisoning without any extra medications or without consulting doctor.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are the best home remedy that has ability to cure indigestion and food poisoning as well.

Fenugreek Seeds

Make powder of fenugreek seeds and add to the water or milk; even adding sugar is good to sweeten the milk or water. Drink this solution to get rid of stomach pain and cure food poisoning very soon.

Drink Buttermilk

Drinking buttermilk or eating curds will really help in curing stomach pain, indigestion of food, acidity, dehydration and food poisoning as well. Thus, eat curds regularly after having your daily meals or dinner.


It is good if you drink buttermilk along with pepper powder, for better effect. Drink buttermilk for atleast two to three glasses daily to cure food poisoning and other diseases related to stomach.