Top 5 Natural Cures For Arthritis


Arthritis is a joint disorder which causes inflammation to the joints and consequent pain in the joints. The constant pain caused by this illness prevents you from leading normal life. Though modern medicines may sound like an easy solution, they cost a fortune apart from the fact that these present the risk of side-effects from consuming chemically formulated medication.

Natural cure offers not only safe but also longer lasting relief which could be availed at the comfort of your own home.

Natural Cures For Arthritis

Natural Supplement For Arthritis

One of the major causes of arthritis is a poor diet. Our body needs a balanced nutrition to keep the system functioning well. But the modern day living has made it necessary for us to consume unhealthy junk food. The resulting lack of essential nutrition for the body, especially the nutrients needed for the bone cartilage, causes the tissue to wear off and leads to joint inflammation.

Natural Supplements

In order to ensure our body gets the essential nutrition one must consume a daily dose of the necessary supplements. Supplements such as fish oil are known to reduce pain and inflammation while glucosamine provides the material need to build and repair cartilage.

Never Stop Exercising

Even if you are suffering from the joint pains due to arthritis, it does not mean you are forbidden from doing vigorous activities and especially exercising. It is advisable however to choose forms of exercises that would cause your joints no acute pain.

Never Stop Exercising

Aquatic exercise such as swimming or pool jogging and yoga enables arthritis sufferers to gain cardiovascular fitness and burn excess body fat with low risk of joint wear and tear. Fans of vigorous activities such as cycling, rock climbing, hiking and such, could still do the things they love. Just remember to reduce the frequency of the activity and not to push yourself too much.

Ease Arthritis Symptoms With Meditation

Take the time to stop, think, breathe and focus on your physical and mental state. And before you know it, those aching joints don’t seem to hurt anymore! Who knew something as simple as meditating for a few minutes each day are able to take away the never ending pain you felt.


Meditation and yoga experts believe that by accepting and committing to the pain, we learn to cope with it, thus reducing the pain in our minds’ perception.

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The Power Of Hot And Cold Pack

Whilst cold and heat pack may not cure arthritis, it could certainly reduce the pain, making it more bearable. Whenever that pain starts to get intense, grab an ice pack. The coldness coming off the pack works well in reducing inflammation and swelling. If ice packs are not available, grab some ice and wrap it in a towel or anything similar.

Cold Pack

Apply it to the affected joint for 15 minutes at a time with at least 30 minutes break in between. Heat pack on the other hand serves well in relaxing your muscles and stiff joints. It also helps to stimulate blood flow. Besides microwavable hot packs, you could also use moist heating pad or a warm, damp towel.

Effectiveness Of Homemade Juices

Arthritis sufferers should make it a habit of drinking juices made from anti-inflammatory nutrients. Anti- inflammatory agents treats and lessens the inflammation thus reducing the pain. Fruits like black cherry and pineapple are good for arthritis since both fruits have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Homemade Juices

Arthritis if not treated properly in early stages can develop into more serious disease, making the victim suffer terrible pain. It is sensible to follow the natural cures that will slowly yet effectively act to reduce the symptoms and provide relief from pain.