Top 5 Natural Cures For Gum Disease

Gum Disease

Gum disease is also called as periodontal disease natural cure for gum disease that affects the gums, its tissues and bone surrounding the teeth. This will cause the tissues to become swollen owing to the infection. This condition begins with the plaque formation on the teeth, which is a sticky substance in white. This is the result of bacteria that mixes with the left over food in the mouth and saliva.

Though your dentist will help you overcome this painful gum disease with his cleaning methods and medications, you can also take natural cure for gum disease that is very effective in treating this condition. Read this article to know more about these natural cures so that you can have a healthy gum condition.

Some Useful Natural Cures For Gum Disease

Apply Clove Oil

Clove Oil

Clove oil is an excellent natural cure for gum disease. It possesses natural numbing properties that are highly effective on your sore gums. Immerse a Q-tip in the clove oil and apply it on the tender gums. This will ease the pain and soreness present in the gums.

Rinse With Sea Salt

Sea salt is an effective cure for this gum condition as it helps to reduce the swelling of your gums and draws the abscesses caused by the infection in the gums.

Rinse With Sea Salt

Make the rinse by preparing a solution by adding sea salt to a glass of warm water and dissolve it. Swish this solution as you do with a mouthwash twice a day in the morning and evening soon after you finish brushing the teeth.

Brush Using Calendula Tincture


This herb is an effective natural cure for gum disease that can cure gums that are bleeding and receding. Buy a calendula tincture and add three drops of this herbal tincture on the toothpaste after you keep it on your toothbrush. Now brush your teeth while gently massaging the gums. This will rejuvenate and heal the tissues present in the gum.

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Use Solution With Baking Soda

Baking soda has the ability to neutralize the acid present in your mouth, which will help to keep the acids in the mouth in neutral, which will reduce the effect of the periodontal disease and stops tooth decay. Make use of this natural cure for gum disease you will have to dissolve some baking powder in a cup of warm water.

Baking Soda

Now dip the toothbrush in this solution and apply the toothpaste on it. Now brush well using the toothbrush. You can also make use of an oral irrigator to inject this solution of baking soda to make sure it reaches the gum pockets straight away.

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey possesses anti bacterial and antiseptic properties, which is effective and fights against the enzymes that destroys the gums. This is because the enzymes would be destroyed before it touches your gums.

Manuka Honey

As soon as you finish brushing your teeth daily, apply this honey using a finger all over your teeth and gums. You can also inject it using an oral irrigator after diluting the honey with water.