Top 5 Natural Tips For Vulvodynia And Vulvar Vestibulitis

To start with, what exactly is ‘Vulvodynia’? The term might be sophisticated but you will be surprised to know that this is a problem faced by maximum number of females at some point or the other during their sexual life. Vulvodynia is the chronic pain experienced in the Vagina during intercourse. Sounds familiar? This usually takes pleasure out of sex, making it a ‘task’ which needs to be over with. Likewise, Vulvar Vestibulitis is also pain during sexual intercourse which results in redness and swelling of the vaginal entrance. On a more extreme case, Vulvar Vestibulitis might also result in itching, thickening of the Vulvar skin, pain when Tampon is inserted or simply even during sitting. Now that we have understood what are Vulvodynia and Vulvar Vestibules, you need to know the root cause as well.

This kind of pain in and around the vaginal area is caused due to bacterial and yeast growth. This in turn is caused due to the bacteria residing in the lower gut area, resulting in chronic yeast infection and chronic bacterial infections. Now, you will be surprised to know that intestinal infection as such could arise due to various reasons, all the way from birth control pills, antibiotics, stress, and poor diet. Pain during sex could snowball in to various problems. It might result in low-desire and anxiety that can cloud your relationship altogether. Though this might pull you to a sex-counselor’s desk, all it actually requires is proper diagnosis and heal at the right time. The good news is, once you have zeroed on the reasons behind Vulvodynia and Vulvar Vestibules, you can get rid of it naturally as well.

Here Are A Few Tips:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

This is one of the most effective and easy-to-do natural remedy for Vulvodynia. For this, you need to consume about two teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar in empty stomach every day. Being loaded with ‘good-bacteria’ Apple cider vinegar helps knock-out the harmful gut-bacteria causing the infection. You can also use Apple Cider Vinegar for vaginosis treatment, for this pour-in a few spoons of vinegar in warm water bath and wash yourself.

Apple Cider Vinegar

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a rich source of caprylic acid which has antibiotic and antifungal properties. Consume two teaspoons of pure, organic coconut oil in the morning and you will be helping yourself ease Vulvodynia.

Coconut Oil

3. Neem Oil

When suffering from vaginal pain after intercourse, try applying Neem oil around the swollen area for relief. Being a topical antifungal, it helps in relieving Vulvodynia by eliminating bacteria in the vaginal area.

Neem Oil

4. Vaginal Dilators

The Vaginal Dilators are specifically constructed and manufactured to help women deal with Vulvodynia. These help stretch and vaginal muscles, thus relieving you from the anxiety of painful intercourse.

Vaginal Dilators

5. Kegel Exercises

This form of exercise is perfect for women who are suffering from Valvudynia and Vulvar Vestibulitis. Kegel are simple Pelvic floor exercises that help tighten and tone loose muscles, thus, making sex more comfortable and less painful.

Kegel Exercises

So you see the term might be new to you, but the problem is fairly an old one. Recognize your problem and tend to the needs of your body as it requires tender love and care.