Top 5 Ways To Deal With Meningitis In Women

Ways To Deal With Meningitis In Women

Meningitis is the kind of inflammation, which is appear as lining mark around brain and the spinal cord. It is usually caused by an infection. The infection is almost occurs in children and young adults in women. Basically it affects the people of elder who are weak in immune system.Meningitis are two types, The one which is mild and not happen serious illness known as viral meningitis because it is infected by virus. The other one which is serious and not common, it is due to bacteria, this kind of meningitis should not be ignored because later it may leads to brain damage or some time death can occur.therefore bacterial meningitis should be treated immediately after detected. The most common symptoms of meningitis are Fever,headache and vomiting.

There Are Some Remedies Given Below, Which Are Helpful To Control Over Meningitis

1. Proper Rest

The individual suffering from viral meningitis should take proper rest. So that by taking rest the individual gets relief from headache. It is also said that the patient should avoid some activities which may cause headache. The individual should stop reading books,watching videos,listening to music.

Proper Rest

2. By Reducing Fever

Take care of the temperature of the body. You must put cool wet cloth to the individual’s forehead to reduce fever and you can use medicine to reduce fever by taking suggestion from doctor. The basic target for you to reduce fever, so that you can get control over meningitis once fever level went down.

By Reducing Fever

3. Dehydration

You must provide the individual to drink juices,tea and water so that she may avoid from dehydration. Take care of the children by giving them frozen juice bars or snow cones. In case of adults if they vomit then she must avoid solid foods and let him consume water or other liquids.


4. Oxygen Therapy

In oxygen therapy a pulse oximeter used to measure the oxygen presence in the blood.The basic reason to do oxygen therapy is to help the individual to breath and to reduce the amount of work on the heart.It is usually used for those people who are too sick and con not breath themselves. It is preferred to do in hospitals or presence of doctors.

Oxygen Therapy

5. Suctioning

It is the process in which the aim is to remove mucus from the bronchial tubes.It is usually conducted with the help of sucking machine by connecting with the help of tube inserted to the nose or mouth. It is also especially done by a diagnosis expert.