Top 5 Ways To Prevent Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common form of cancer among women, afflicting millions of them in the past few years. However, treatment usually takes place at an advanced stage as in the early stages, ovarian cancer does not showcase any symptoms making early detection almost next to impossible.

As studies have as yet failed to point out any scientific evidence about the cause of the killer disease, there is no way to guarantee that you might not encounter the disease in the future. Although the causative factors that lead to the ailment are not clear, there are definitely some ways to increase the chances of keeping the disease at bay.

Knowing The Family History

Despite the fact that there is no scientific research to prove it, it is often seen that women who already have a family history of ovarian cancer are more likely to develop the ailment. If someone in your blood family has encountered ovarian cancer then your chances of developing the disease are high. In that case, a proactive initiative on your part to consult a doctor and understand the risk factors might be instrumental in helping you prevent the disease.

Early Conceiving

Although it might seem to be quite incongruous, health experts reiterate that conceiving at an early age significantly reduces the chances of developing ovarian cancer. Studies have noted that women who give birth before the age of 30 are at a lower risk of developing the ailment in comparison to the rest. However, on the flip side, few studies indicate that using birth-control pills for a longer period of time also hinders the chances of developing cancer.

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Exercise And Eat Right

Leading a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and reduced alcohol intake coupled with eating less fat might just be the right trick that you need to keep ovarian cancer at bay. While consuming a lot of fiber might be of a great help, exercising regularly is considered to be another important factor that would significantly bring down your chances of developing the killer disease. According to research, exercising for at least three times every week plays a pivotal role in preventing ovarian cancer in women.

Recurring Miscarriages

If you have experienced repeated miscarriages then take that as a warning sign as it increases your chances of developing ovarian cancer at a later stage in life. Comprehend the nature of the tendency and speak to your gynaecologist about it to take all the possible steps to prevent it. If you have a family history of cancer and have also experienced repeated miscarriages, chances of developing ovarian cancer would increase to a large extent. However, remember that your body’s health is in your hands and conscious decision to ward off the ailment can actually go a long way.

Regular Checkups

Keeping a close watch on any unnatural signs such irregular menstrual cycle, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding can actually be instrumental in preventing the ailment. If you have a family history and difficulty in getting pregnant, get a regular check-up done to prevent the disease.