Top 6 Calf Toning Exercises For Women

Top 6 Calf Toning Exercises For Women

Calf is the main part of the legs , which gives thighs the attractive look. If your calves are big and bulky your overall appearance of the body looks awkward, so it is necessary to maintain the calf. In order to this we should do some exercises which are specially for the calf. These exercises will remove the fat and the weight from the calf and make your calf lean and skinny. Specially for the women thighs are very attractive and to make it more attractive we have number of the exercises for the calf.

Here Are Some Of Them:

Standing Calf Raises

This exercise is very effective for the calf. We don’t need any type of weight in this , we can do this any where in the gym or in the home and stairs. Just place your toes on the stairs or any platform above from the ground. Now raise your toes in upward direction , now hold your position for 5 seconds and then come back to the initial position. Do 25-30 repetition and do 3 sets of it. This exercise give pressure to the calf muscles and the excessive fat will remove from the calf. Now if your calf are so skinny then add some of the weight on the shoulder then do this exercise , this will make the calf larger.

for the calf

Exercises To Get Super Slim Calves

Stair Climber

This is another good exercise for the calf . For a long time it has been said that we can manage our thighs by climbing the stairs. It will allow the calf muscle to work and calf fat will reduce . You should climb 15 stairs in one set and total of 4 set you should do. You should do this exercise twice or thrice in a day to maintain the contraction in your calf muscles , maximum work out for the calf, will give you quick and good results.

Stair walking

Mountain Climber

This exercise you can do in the home as well as in the gym. Take a yoga mat and make a push up position , now contract your abs , then pull your one leg towards the stomach and then throw your leg to the starting position , do this thing with the another leg also. Do this exercise fast as much as you can do, speed matters a lot to this exercise. This exercise has overall impact on the thighs and calf , your whole thigh will be toned by this exercise. Do at least 50 repetitions and do 5 sets of this exercise.

mountain climber

Calf Presses

This exercise can be done in the gym because we need weight for it. We need leg raising machine for this exercise, add 20 kg of the weight and then push up the machine only by the calf. This exercise engages calf all the time and give maximum results. Do as many repetitions you can do of 5-6 sets. This exercise will make your calf just like a tennis ball.

calf presses

Stationery Cycle

Cycling is also very good for the thighs and calf , but here we have to  set the peddle lower than the usual because this will engage the calf portion more while cycling. Rotation in the cycling allow the whole calf to work and the excessive fat will dissolve and the proper calf muscle will appear, that gives the thigh a good look.

Stationery Cycle

Jump Rope

Jump rope is normally for the warm up and it is the part of the gymming . In this the  whole body is engaged but we can do something extra for the calf region , while jumping jump on the fingers not on the foot , this will engage the calf region and it will be so effective for the calf muscle.