Top 6 Reasons For Occurrence Of Hot Flashes

Top 6 Reasons For Occurrence Of Hot Flashes

Top 6 Reasons For Occurrence Of Hot Flashes Hot flashes usually occur during the phase of menopause but sometimes the normal changes in the hormones also lead to the occurrence of hot flashes. If you can tolerate the redness and feeling of hotness that comes into your body occasionally then it is good as there isno definite treatment for hot flashes.

The severity of hot flashes differs from person to person. Some people think that hot flashes are related to the hypothalamus which helps in regulating the temperature of the body. The location of the hypothalamus is at the base of the brain. Another thing that affects the severity of the hot flashes is the level of estrogen hormone in the body. Some other reasons for hot flashes other than menopause are given hereunder:

Various Reasons for Occurrence of Hot Flashes

Use of Certain Drugs

Some of the prescribed drugs and over the counter medications lead to the increased chances of hot flashes in women. These drugs are usually anti-stress medications. These drugs react with the body and the heat of the body increases as a result hot flashes occur. Some safe drugs when taken in increased amount increases the frequency of hot flashes.

Eating Habits

Certain types of food acts as a trigger for hot flashes. The food stuff that contains capsaicin like hot pepper affects the nervous functioning of the body. It has some effect on the expansion of the blood vessels in the brain. The excessive intake of capsaicin food leads to hot flashes. Several types of additives in food and intake of alcohol also increase the chances of hot flashes as the blood circulation is increased and the temperature of the body goes up.


Top 6 Reasons For Occurrence Of Hot Flashes

Anxiety is another major contributor to hot flashes. The increased anxiety in the body liberates epinephrine and norepinephrine into the blood and the inflow of these components increases heat in the body leading to the occurrence of  hot flashes.

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Treatment of Breast Cancer

The treatment of breast cancer involves the use of tamoxifen which leads to hot flashes. Some women stop feeling hot flashes when stop taking this drug while some continue to observe hot flashes as tamoxifen develops an unusual estrogen like ability that fights with the hot flashes.

Tumors in the Body

Any kind of tumor in the body produces a hormone called as serotonin which becomes a reason for hot flashes. Usually the hormone serotonin is produced if a person is suffering from carcinoid tumor.

Sleeping in Hot Environments or Under Thermal Blanket

The living or sleeping in a high temperature’s room or in a thermal blanket increases the body temperature which gives rise to the hot flashes. The temperature of the living and sleeping area should not be very high.

Some other body problems related to thyroid functioningneurological issuesspinal cord and pancreatitis lead to the secretion of chemicals in the body.these chemicals raises in the temperature of the body leading to hot flashes. This is because these chemicals affects the nervous functioning of the body and the blood flow increases in the body.