Top 8 Natural Belly Fat-Reducing Foods

If all the women in the entire world had to unite against a common enemy, it would sure be ‘body fat’. It is a dream and desire for every woman to be and stay slim. While eating-disorders are usually associated with teenagers, you will be surprised to know that many elderly women desire a ‘slim-frame’ just as badly! Well, the good news is, you can very well achieve a thin-body by ‘controlling’ the ‘type’ of foods you consume. So, instead of dieting and cutting down on your meals, the latest fad is to eat a certain type of food that help you in burning the un-wanted fat altogether. Sounds good?

Let Us Take A Look:

1. Oats

Oats have hit the ‘food-fad menu’ with a huge hit. It has become a common staple in all cuisines with each one having their own version of Oats. What makes Oats a fat-burner is the fact that it is rich in ‘Soluble Fibers’. Though it also contains insoluble fibers, nevertheless, Oats help burn fat, thus, helping you lose weight. However, you must always look-over the ingredients as the sugar present is not going to help you in your weight-loss routine.[1]


2. Brown Rice

Imagine losing weight without having to give-up rice! Well, it’s true, you can lose weight and eat your favorite rice, provided it is ‘Brown’. What makes Brown rice unique is the fact that it is starchy-carbohydrates, filled with fiber and important nutrients. So, next time include on a high quality Brown rice in your grocery list.[2]

Brown Rice

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is widely used food ingredient across the globe. The best part is that yogurt is rich in proteins, making it a great breakfast choice. For your regular dairy requirements, yogurt can be made into delicious dish by adding fruits, salad veggies and nuts.[3]


4. Apple

Apples are your new best friend, as these are loaded with Pectin. This prevents the fat from depositing along with increased water-absorption, something that helps remove fat-deposit from the body. Fibrous nature of Apples makes it a great fat-burning food, thus helping you lose weight.[4]


5. Asparagus

This is a great Fat-burning super-food. Being a natural ‘diuretic’ ,Asparagus helps get rid of the water-deposits from the body. Deriving its name from ‘Asperagine’ , which is an alkaloid that help break-down fat in the body.[5]


6. Red Meat

The lean red meat is a great source of Iron, folate, fatty acids and Vitamin B 12. To retain the useful Amino acids in the meat, avoid over-cooking it. Be sure to buy Red meat which is devoid of any visible fats and always keep the leftover cooked meat trimmings in the refrigerator to whip-up a great fat-burning salad or sandwiches.[6]

Red Meat

7. Berries

Berried make a very good fat-burning food as it is rich in antioxidants. Berries have zero carbohydrates and are high on fibers, making it the perfect fat-burning food. The best part is that a combination of various Berries makes a great snack for you to pop-up when ever hunger-pangs annoy you.


8. Fish Oil

Fish oil is a rich source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. This makes it useful in the fat-burning process in your body. What makes it a great weight-loss choice is that it stimulates the ‘thermo-genesis in the body help burn extra calories throughout the day. Fish oil are anti-catabolic in nature that prevent muscle breakdown and are also anti-lipogenic, that decrease the fat storage in the body.[8]

Fish Oil

So, ladies, now you know what to include in your next grocery-list that will help you cut down on your fat-dispositions.