Top 8 Signs To Look For If You Think That You Are Pregnant

Getting pregnant is one of the happiest moments for a couple and their family. The body starts giving signals to the expecting mother very early during the pregnancy when the fertilised egg attaches to the wall of womb.

Many women can understand that they are pregnant within around 10 days of conception whereas some may not even know about it for weeks, as they might keep guessing if it is a missed period or actual pregnancy. So how can you know about it? We have shortlisted the top 8 signs for pregnancy.


Most of the pregnant women experience morning sickness during initial stages of pregnancy. You may feel to vomit every now and then with a sense of uneasiness. Despite its name, morning sickness can affect you whole day and serve as a good sign for pregnancy.

Tingly Nipples

As soon as you get pregnant, the hormones will increase blood flow towards your breasts and within a week or so you will start noticing prickling and tingling sensations on nipples. This might serve as one of the most initial signs for pregnancy, however it will subside slowly as your body will get used to it.

Swollen Breasts

Swollen and tender breasts are another sign for pregnancy. You will start feeling the increased tenderness to the touch on the breasts, this will happen after six weeks of pregnancy. The sensation will be just as you experience during periods but enhanced. Moreover, your breasts will grow in size as if they are swollen, a lot of blue veins will also appear under the skin. These signs will be more evident during the first three months of pregnancy and will subside afterwards.

Frequently Visiting Loo

After six months of pregnancy, you will also notice that you have too pee very frequently. This is totally normal and happens because your kidney has to work very hard. However, if you experience any pain or a burning sensation then it can be a urinary tract infection.

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Right from the early stages of pregnancy, you will feel to dive into bed or couch every now and then. You might start feeling exhausted all day long, regardless of the work you do. Although, fatigue and laziness is a very general symptom, still if you experience it with other signs then you can be sure about the pregnancy.

Nipple Darkening

Around after eight weeks of pregnancy, you might notice the darkening of areolas (circle of skin around nipple). The change may not be severe and the darkness will be very light. This is one of the several skin changes during pregnancy. Additionally, the nipples will get more erect too.

Missed Period

If your periods are regular then you will not need any other sign. Missed period is the surest way to ascertain about it however, if your periods are irregular then you may never notice it.

Pregnancy Test

Finally, the most reliable and easy way for pregnancy results is a home test. Buy it from a local pharmacy and follow the instructions on the pack, if the test shows a blue line then you might be pregnant.