Top 8 Symptoms Of Liver Cancer

Symptoms Of Liver Cancer

Cancer is a very dreadful disease and the treatment of cancer totally depends upon the stage of the cancer. Liver cancer is one of the worst cancers and it can lead to many complications if treatment is not started on time. So the timely detection of liver cancer is possible only when you are aware of the symptoms.

The liver is one of the most important organs of the body as it helps in the detoxification and filtering of the nutrients that we take. It helps in the digestion of the food. The person cannot survive if the liver of a person fails completely. The liver dialysis is not a long term cure for the functioning of the liver. The problem of liver cancer arises when a tumor grows in the liver and also if the cancer comes to liver from some other part of the body cancer.The symptoms of liver cancer are difficult to trace in the beginning. But they can be traced at a later stage when the liver cancer becomes active. The main symptoms of liver cancer are given hereunder:

Common Symptoms of Liver Cancer

Presence of Jaundice


Jaundice is a disease in which the eyes and skin of a patient becomes yellowish in color. This change in the color of the eyes and skin is because of high levels of bilirubin in the blood.

Loss of Weight

Loss Of Weight

The weight loss is intense in liver cancer as the diet reduces drastically. Another possible reason for weight loss is the occurrence of frequent vomiting that leads to a nauseatic experience to the patient. The urine takes a dark color than normal.

Abnormal Pain


The patient suffers from abnormal pain in different parts of the body especially on the place where the liver is located in the body. The right shoulder area of the body observes pain.

High Fever


The temperature of the body reaches a high level. This high fever leads to fatigue and tiredness in the body. Bloating also occurs.

White and Chalky Stools

White and Chalky Stools

The stools become white and chalky in color. Liver cancer leads to white and chalky stool. White stool is not a normal thing and as soon as you notice white and chalky stool, it should be diagnosed by a physician.

Enlarged Liver

Enlarged Liver

The size of the liver expands gradually when you are suffering from liver cancer. This should be diagnosed with the help of endoscopy or ultrasound.

Coughing of Blood

Coughing of Blood

Coughing of blood is known by the term Hemoptysis. The bloody sputum comes from the lungs and the airways which creates a very difficult situation for the patient.If around 200-600 ml of blood coughed up in a day then that is known as massive hemoptysis. This should be controlled timely to avoid any major complication. This problem may or many not be accompanied by chest pain.



The sleep patterns change totally as most of the time the patient sleeps while suffering from liver cancer. This shows that the bodily process is shutting down.All the symptoms of liver cancer come separately. But if all the symptoms of liver cancer come together then it creates a very difficult situation and it is very painful for the patient. The symptoms however do not come up in the early stage of liver cancer.

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