Top 6 Beginning Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a much-awaited period in a woman’s life. Expectant moms and dads feel tremendously happy at the arrival of a new being.

Signs Of Pregnancy

As the woman’s body prepares itself to nourish the foetus from within, there are some beginning signs, which all women should look out for. Here are the top beginning signs of a pregnancy.

The Beginning Signs Of Pregnancy

A Missed Period

The woman ovulates every month by releasing a mature egg. The egg waits in the fallopian tubes for 24-48 hours to get fertilized. Thereafter it ruptures and is released by the body in the form of a period when the uterus sheds its lining.

In case the couple have sex during the woman’s fertile period, the sperm fuses with the egg and a cluster of cells form which then become the embryo. This embryo prepares itself for implantation in the uterus. A missed period is one of the first and foremost signs that a woman is pregnant. It is also a healthy sign as it indicates that the embryo has burrowed itself in the uterus and is now getting ready to grow.

A Missed Period

Tender Breasts

On of the other beginning signs of pregnancy is breast tenderness and soreness. This is because the pregnancy hormones are inducing the breasts to prepare themselves for lactation as soon as the baby is conceived. An alert woman knows and is aware of this being an extremely healthy sign of pregnancy.

Signs of pregnancy

Nausea And Vomiting

Although morning sickness and nausea are very uncomfortable, it is considered a very good sign and a beginning sign by the doctors. Morning sickness is an indicator that the pregnancy is very healthy. Morning sickness occurs due to the surge in the hormones estrogen and progesterone along with the pregnancy hormone HCG.

This hormone tends to relax the lining of the stomach, which causes most of the food to come up in the form of vomit. If you are vomiting, it means the hormonal levels in your body are optimal for the continuation and sustenance of the pregnancy.

Nausea And Vomiting

Weight Gain

An obvious beginning sign of a pregnancy is the woman’s ability to gain gradual weight throughout her pregnancy. Ideally the woman should gain around 12-14 kgs of weight over a period of nine months. A gradual weight gain is considered healthy as it keeps high blood pressure and gestational diabetes at bay.

Weight Gain

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Tiredness is very normal and another sign of an initial pregnancy. This is because of the effort that the body is putting in order to nourish the foetus. The foetus is also another life growing inside the mother’s body, so tiredness and fatigue is very normal.


Vaginal Discharge

A healthy amount of vaginal discharge during the first trimester is a positive sign as long as the vaginal is odour less and does not cause itching. This discharge is released by the cervix and the vagina in order to protect the uterus and seal the cervix from germs and bacteria.

The occurrences of these signs are nothing to worry about and actually indicate a very healthy pregnancy. Most doctors would actually worry if the woman were not experiencing any of these signs.

Vaginal Discharge

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