Top Causes Of Missed Periods

Causes Of Missed Period Women who miss their periods for three consecutive months are diagnosed with secondary amenorrhea. Missed periods may often indicate the early signs of a pregnancy but at times, they occur due to several other factors.

Most women who have menstruated but suddenly stop menstruating may find this to be a cause for concern. Here are some of the main reasons for cessation in the menstrual cycle.

Causes Of Missed Periods


Yes, stress can affect the hormonal pattern of your body and prevent you from menstruating. Severe stress can cause a woman to miss her period due to the production of a stress hormone called as GnRH, which temporarily stops ovulation. Make sure you visit your doctor in order to find out what is causing the stress and take recourse to relaxation-based activities in order to ease the stress.


A severe infection or an illness can cause a hormonal imbalance that can lead to a temporarily halt in your menstrual cycle. This however gets ok once the illness or infection has been treated.


Causes Of Missed Period

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Extremely overweight women find their hormonal levels getting topsy-turvy and this can lead to a disruption in their menstrual cycles. The best bet here is to lose the excess weight.


Causes Of Missed Period

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Early symptoms of menopause, which begin as early as 10 years before the start of menopause, may trigger amenorrhea. Women may start to skip their menstrual cycles and may start getting very heavy or scanty periods.


Causes Of Missed Period
Crash dieting and severe malnutrition can cause a cessation in the menstrual cycles. The hormones need a well nourished and balanced body to do their work. Without the proper nourishment in the form of carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals ovulation completely stops.

Strenuous Exercise

Causes Of Missed Period

Athletes, sportswomen, swimmers and women who indulge in extremely strenuous sports may experience temporary amenorrhea. This however resolves when the woman takes recourse to normal activities.


Causes Of Missed Period
Once actual menopause starts, the woman stops producing normal estrogen in the body. This causes a complete halt in ovulation and periods. Menopause normally occurs between the ages of 45-50.


Causes Of Missed Period
This is one of the happy reasons for not ovulating and getting your period. If you have missed a period and suspect that, you are pregnant, get a pregnancy test done immediately. Once a pregnancy occurs, the ovaries stop producing eggs until the baby is delivered.

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Oral Contraception

Causes Of Missed Period
If you have been on oral contraception for some time and you have stopped taking them suddenly, there may be a chance that you will get irregular periods initially. This of course normalizes after some time. That is why most women find it difficult to get pregnant once they are off the pills.

Malfunctioning Thyroid

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A malfunctioning thyroid gland may send your menstrual cycle off balance. Women suffering from an over active or underactive thyroid may face temporary amenorrhea or irregular periods. This can be resolved through hormonal medications, which will normalize your cycles.

Sudden Weight Loss Or Weight Gain

Causes Of Missed Period

A sudden loss or weight gain may throw off your hormonal cycles off balance and this may also lead to delayed or irregular periods.