Top Dental Cosmetic Surgery Treatments And Benefits

Dental Cosmetic Surgery Special care and attention is required when it comes to dealing with Aesthetic Dentistry, more commonly referred to as Cosmetic Dentistry. This form of dentistry mainly concentrates on improving the overall look and appearance if the mouth and teeth that can enhance the beauty of the face.

As the main concentration here is on the beautification of the teeth, this form of artistic dentistry sets itself apart from the more conventional form of dentistry that primarily deals with tooth care and decay prevention’s  Some common ones are-

Top Dental Cosmetic Surgery Treatments And Benefits

Tooth and Gum Contouring

Tooth and gum contouring is a form of tooth reshaping that is usually used by dentists instead of age-old braces these days. D eformed and overlapping teeth are usually treated through this procedure. The process can be completed in a single session. This is the best way to change the shape, position and height of the teeth.

Long and beautiful teeth can appear through this process of gum contouring. People suffering from the gummy smile problem can opt for this method to get back a natural and beautiful smile. The balance and regularity of human teeth can also be rectified through this process.

Tooth Whitening or Bleaching

Tooth Whitening or Bleaching

This is a method that is used to get rid of stains from the tooth. All tooth whitening products should be used under the supervision and recommendation of an experienced dentist, even if they are readily available over the counter.

Dental Bridges/ Implants

A unique process of artificial root replacement of the tooth is referred to as dental implants or dental bridges. The procedure involves inserting a false tooth in between two porcelain crowns called fixed bridges. In cases when there are teeth of one side of the open space, a cantilever bridge is used in the teeth that are in the front.

This is done to improve speech and eradicate problems related to biting. This also reduces the chance of contracting a gum disease. The implants are made with titanium. Titanium is 100% compatible with the tooth bone and bone tissues.

Composite Bonding & White Fillings

This is a process by which the tooth’s surface is treated with a soft composite enamel type of material and structured to form a new shape by hardening it with artificial light. The final touch up includes polishing the teeth to give it a shining effect.

This is the best process to cure teeth that are chipped and discolored or are in the process of decaying. The process gives the affected tooth a natural look as the material used blends naturally with the remaining teeth  and those surrounding it.

Crowns and Veneers

Custom made crowns and veneers comprise of ultra-thin materials which are stainless or are made of porcelain laminates. These are stuck to the tooth surface with strong adhesive. The front of the tooth is covered with the veneers while the entire tooth is covered with the help of the crown.

Crowns and Veneers

If there are gaps in the tooth or if some of the teeth areas are slightly chipped or if the tooth is deformed, this is by far the best procedure to follow. Previously treated teeth which have become inefficient now can also be re-treated through this procedure.

Other Dental Cosmetic Surgeries And Treatments

There are many reasons that make cosmetic dentistry more predictable and stable these days. One of the factors for the same is definitely the use of advanced technologies and natural tooth-colored materials for dental cosmetic treatments.

These materials are made with porcelain and other composite materials which are joined together with mercury free resin adhesive. To give a naturally healthy and beautiful smile, laser treatment is used on the teeth which is not only simple to use but gives comfort to the patient as well.

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