Top Five Remedies For Burning Sensation In Breast

Top Five Remedies For Burning Sensation In Breast

When you feel like pins or needles in your breasts, that is what we call burning sensation in breasts. Burning sensation can be due to burn or some kind of exposure to toxic substance or exposure to extreme cold conditions. Sometimes, burning sensation is experienced with tingling and numbness.

It can be due to neuropathy, some kind of damage to the nerves or hormonal changes. Sometimes, burning sensation in breast is also followed by pain in the chest, breathing difficulty and dizziness. Here are some of the best remedies for burning sensation in breasts:

Best Remedies for Burning Sensation in Breast

Breathe In and Out

When you feel burning sensation in your breasts, just relax, breathe in slowly from your nose and breathe out from your mouth. Never lie down as the sensation can get worse. Breathing in and out helps in giving you immediate relief from the burning sensation in your breasts.

Take Fresh Ginger

It is a very well known home remedy for burning sensation in your breasts. You just need to take fresh ginger with a glass of water. It will definitely help in relieving the burning sensation. It is suggested by most of the homeopathic and ayurvedic doctors.


In homeopathy treatment, natural herbs and mineral products are basically used for the treatment of diseases. As it is based on principles, homeopathy is safe and an effective system of medicine. The treatment is based on the analysis which is done as per the disease of the patient.

Top Five Remedies For Burning Sensation In Breast

So if you are feeling some kind of sensation in your breasts, you can always trust the homeopathic treatment. It is a natural treatment and gives rapid results as well. The best part about this treatment is that you don’t have to take homeopathic remedies permanently. If you get relief from the sensation, you can stop taking the medicines.

Eat Fruits

If you are constantly feeling burning sensation, then it is advised to include grapes, watermelon and milk in your diet. These products are rich in vitamin C and B2 which helps in strengthening your immunity system by enhancing the cell activities. The digestion should also be proper and for that, you should take papaya which helps in minimizing breast burning sensation to a large extent.

Home Remedies

There are various types of home remedies which you can use to get rid of this sensation. The best and simplest remedy is to mix basil juice with honey and drink it. Apart from this, a glass of milk boiled with garlic can also help in reducing the burning sensation.
If you take almonds daily and chew basil leaves in the morning, you will rarely suffer from this kind of problem so it’s recommended to include both the habits in your daily routine as it will not only help in getting relief from burning sensation in breasts , but will also do wonders for maintaining the overall health.

The above mentioned tips will definitely help you to a great extent in getting relief from burning sensation in breasts, but you should immediately consult a doctor if none of the remedies help in curing the problem as any kind of delay may lead to critical health issues.

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