Top Guidelines On How To Take Early Pregnancy Tests

Early Pregnancy TestsUrine tests make up home pregnancy tests. The amount of HCG in the urine is detected by these tests when they reach a particular level. As compared to others, some home pregnancy tests are more sensitive. Levels of HCG can be detected by sensitive tests even a few days before your period.

The anxiety associated with conception can also be decreased with these early detection tests as women only have to wait a few days instead of two weeks.Here are some guideline mentioned below for early pregnancy tests: –

How To Take Early Pregnancy Tests

Buying The HCG Urine Pregnancy Test Strip

For determining HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in the urine specimen, a test kit called the HCG urine pregnancy test strip is used. Early detection of pregnancy as a qualitative and visual result is possible with this test.

Buying The HCG Urine Pregnancy Test Strip

Shortly after the occurrence of fertilization, the developing placenta secretes a hormone that’s called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). This hormone is said to be an ideal marker of an early pregnancy because it appears soon after conception and during the early stages of gestational growth, it rises subsequently.

How To Open

The sealed pouch has to be opened for beginning the test and this is done by tearing the notch. The test should be extracted from the pouch. When this urine test is performed, keep in mind that the highest concentration of HCG is found in the first morning urine, which makes it the best sample. Other urine samples can also be used.

Taking The Sample

A clean, dry container should be used for collecting the urine. The strip should be dipped in the specimen and held vertically. The arrow end should be pointed towards the urine when the strip is immersed in the urine sample.

Taking The Sample

Immersing after the Marker or Max line is not recommended. After 3 seconds, the strip should be taken out and kept on a non-absorbent, dry and clean surface. The dye may not enter the result area in rare cases, in which case the strip should be dipped until the dye starts traveling.

Wait For Some Time

Colored bands will start appearing after a short while. Just 40 seconds may be needed for positive results to appear. This depends on the level of HCG in the test sample. However, 5 minutes is the reaction time needed for confirming negative results. Before reading the result, ensure that the background is clear. Results shouldn’t be checked after the reaction time has elapsed.

Judging The Results

Negative Result

One color band will show up in the control area. The test region will not have any band. This will mean that there is no pregnancy detected.

Positive Result

Both the test and color region will show distinct color bands. Pregnancy is indicated by the presence of both control and test line. The HCG hormone has different levels of concentration in different stages of pregnancy, which can have an impact on the color intensity of test bands.

Positive Result

On the same test surface and exactly below the control line, there will be a positive test line. A line that shows up at the juncture of the test components should not be considered a test line.

Invalid Result

There will be no apparent band. If the test kit has an insufficient specimen volume, there will be no control band. Improper procedure might have been implemented. A new test kit should be used. Above instructions should be followed.

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