Top 7 Home Remedies For Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes

You cannot get a clear and good vision if tear-films are not moist enough. A typical condition in the human eye that does not produce tear is known as dry eyes.

People with the condition of dry eye will not feel comfortable in viewing objects. You can now find six home remedies for dry-eyes in this content. Effective home remedy for dry eyes are:-

Best Home Remedies For Dry Eyes

Utility Of Cucumber

Cucumber is an important ingredient among six home remedies for dry eye. Even in hot summer season, you can feel a cooling effect with cucumber laid down on your eye.


The dryness and numbness of your eye will be eradicated through cucumber slices.

Cold Milk As Home Remedies

Close your eyes and apply cold milk dipped in a cloth. Apply the cloth over your eye and get great comfort from dryness in your eye. Normal eyes must blink after a certain interval of time.

Cold Milk

Milk spreads the tear film around the eyes which in turn makes the surface of the eye really smooth as well as clear.

Aloe Vera For Your Eyes

The ingredients or contents in the kitchen can sometimes act brilliantly to eradicate some diseases. If you can use aloe vera adequately, dryness in your eyes can be reduced.

Aloe Vera

You can slice down aloe vera and place it above your eye to make your eye moist again. It is also possible to make the dry eyes moist by applying aloe Vera gel in your eyelids. If you can supply proper nutrition to your eye, severe problem of dry eyes will be eradicated.

Adequate Watermelon As A Remedy

The human eye responds positively to watermelon and its juice. Similarly, human eye also needs some water present in the fruit. Water present in it is a wonderful source of lubricant in different parts of the eye.


Human eyes is not an exception to the same. You can easily consume two to three glasses of watermelon juice daily to reduce dryness in the eyes.

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Tomato Pulp For Your Eyes

While you sleep, your eyes tend to dry out easily. There are household tips to create lubrication before you go to sleep. You can use a cloth dipped in tomato pulp and apply it on your eye to create lubrication.

Tomato Pulp

It will be good for you to avoid washing eyes repeatedly as this can wash all accumulated moisture by tomato pulp in your eyes.

Papaya For Your Eyes

Along with physical hygiene, eye hygiene is also really important to consider for each and every human being. If you have a problem of dryness in your eye, you should definitely give papaya a try.


Eating it can allow the microbes and dust to get cleared from your eyes. This can even reduce eye inflammation. Thus, papaya as one of the home remedies in eye hygiene is really important.

Regularize Blinking Exercises

Dry eyes generally produce strain in the eye. This is actually important to supply a maximum of moisture in the eye of an individual through a blinking exercise.

Blinking Exercise

This will help in spreading the tears to various parts of your eye allowing your eye to remain moist.