Top 5 Home Remedies For Hangovers


They say you have partied hard if you don’t remember it in the morning! But once the party is over and even after the after party has been juiced you finally get to be with your bed.

Alas! You wake up in the morning to a severe headache and nausea. This may even be followed by dizziness if you are unlucky. Alcoholic beverages, along with the high while party also are usually followed by a hangover in the morning. But with every problem comes a simple solution. Here are some home remedies to cure a hangover.

Top Home Remedies For Hangovers

Bananas Are Good For You

Don’t worry it’s about going bananas again; but about curing that hangover. When you wake up in the morning and reach out of a banana or two (ideally kept on the bedside table the previous night).


Bananas replenish potassium and other minerals usually lost because of liquor. This helps combat the feeling of nausea and also settles the rumbles in your stomach.

Water Is Good For You

Mixing water with other heavy drinks may reduce its concentration but it still won’t stop you from getting dehydrated. Water is an essential requirement of the body and lack of hydration caused by the drink will surly keep you uncomfortable.


Have a pint of water right before you sleep and just after you wake up and you will notice that the hangover does not trouble you like it usually does. Some prefer taking a paracetamol along with it but it is not required. Take a shower, switching between cold and hot water; that helps too.

Juice Is Good For You

Fruit Juices are an essential source of body glucose and vitamins. For a home remedy to cure hangovers, have citric juices in the morning. They replenish Vitamin C and also raise the body sugar levels.

Fruit Juices

It is a common myth to have black coffee to cure hangovers. Please avoid! They may help temporarily but dehydrate the body further. The last thing you want while curing a hangover.

Ginger Root Is Good For You

Ginger, right since the dawn of time has been known to cure nausea and sea sickness. It is however a very effective way to cure a hangover. The best option is to brew up some ginger tea. Or just cut ten to twelve slices of fresh ginger root to four cups of water.

Ginger Root

Boil for ten minutes. Strain and add the juice of one orange and half a lemon, two to three spoons of honey. Sip slowly and feel the nausea and headache go away.

Soup Is Good For You

Heavy food is the last thing you want to put in your stomach in such a state. Have a clear broth or a clear vegetable soup maybe accompanied with a slice of plain toast. The vegetables will replace the minerals lost and the warmth will help get rid of body toxins.


Simple exercises will also help take care of that feeling of unease.These home remedies can be practised easily and can help battle the hangover in the morning. If the feeling continues or aggravates its best to take medical help.