Top 5 Home Remedies For Sciatica


Sciatica is a physical disorder, accompanied by tremendous pain, which is caused by the compression of one or multiple root of the spinal nerves, thus giving rise to the sciatic nerve. The pains may occur in different parts of the body like back, buttock, leg, feet, etc. The pain is caused due to the irritations of the nerves. Home remedies for sciatica are very effective in curing the disease completely.

Best Home Remedies For Sciatica

Application Of Ice Through Cold Packs

Cold packs are easily available at homes. These packs can be applied to get relief from the pain. The pack can be applied on the painful part of the body for twenty minutes, multiple times a day.

Cold Packs

A pack of ice should be wrapped in a clean towel and applied over the body surface. It must be a regular and daily application for best effects.

Application Of Hot Liquids Through Hot Packs

Application of heat on the painful areas of the body reduces the pain. Using hot packs is effective for the treatment.

Hot Packs

Heat lamps or heating pads can also be used with the lowest settings.

Muscle Stimulation With Olive Oil

Stimulation of the skeletal muscles of the body through olive oil is one of the best ways of home remedies for the disease of sciatica. It can be done by regular exercises and body massages. Practicing of certain types of yogas is helpful in curing the disease.

Olive Oil

An expert trainer can be consulted by the patient for the best exercise practices. Special types of body massages with olive oil give a lot relief and comfort from the body pains. Professional masseurs can also be hired at home for the purpose.

Drinking Water And Walking

Drinking of 8-10 full glasses of water, daily is a very effective way to lubricate the skeletal muscles and relaxation of the muscle nerves. Thus, it cures a disease within a year. Drinking of a lot of water along with daily walking routines of about twenty to forty minutes, accelerates the recovery process.

Drinking Water

Walking is one of the best exercises for the normal metabolism of the body of a human being. This walking should be practiced mostly in the early morning for the best results.

Stretching Exercises Help

Stretching exercises are very helpful in treating sciatica disease. The exercises are useful for reducing back pain. Jerking, twisting or bouncing of the painful body parts should be strictly avoided during the stretching process. Each stretch should be held for approximately thirty seconds.

Stretching Exercises

Apart from the above-mentioned home remedies for sciatica, the patient should also have certain control over his daily lifestyle. She should avoid constipation and eat more fiber rich food items. Some natural laxatives can also reduce constipation. The patient can consume more calcium and mineral rich food materials for proper neuro-muscular functions.

She should avoid lifting heavy luggage and goods. The patient should also avoid the bending of the backs and sudden jerk of the body parts. Consumption of tobacco and alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited. He should sleep on a flat bed surface and avoid mattresses with high cushions.