Top 5 Home Remedies For Tendonitis

Home Remedies For Tendonitis

A painful condition in an individual with pain in tennis elbow in the tennis player for frequent athletic activities is known as tendonitis. This can take place due to repeated pressure on tennis elbows due to tennis strokes. Apart from tennis player, this condition can take place in any frequently used tendon in an individual’s body.

People with repeated activities and movement can also get affected by tendonitis. You may find many treatment procedures for tendonitis at hospitals, clinics or health centers. But, home remedies for tendonitis can relieve you without any side-effects.

Best Home Remedies For Tendonitis

Use Of Ginger And Turmeric

You must have ginger and turmeric at home. Thus, you can make use of these home ingredients to get rid of the inflammation. Ginger is a natural product, which is known for decreasing inflammation, tenderness, pain as well as stiffness.

Ginger And Turmeric

You can now get a warm feeling by using the mixture of ginger and turmeric. Since Ginger plays an important role in improving blood circulation, healing effect is viewed distinctly. You can either message your affected area using ginger oil or drink tea that includes ginger.

Role Of Papaya

One of the home remedies for tendonitis can be adopted by the use of Papaya. This natural ingredient provides a fast healing effect for all individuals suffering from tendonitis.


Papaya has a wonderful component named as bromelain inside it, which is associated with anti-inflammatory characteristics. Curing stiffness and soreness in a patient suffering from tendonitis is a positive effect of Papaya. You can cut a slice of Papaya and slowly rub it on the affected part.

Relieve Through Castor Oil

You must have castor oil available at home. Since, it is a wonderful ingredient to reduce conditions like muscle cramp, stiffness, torn ligaments and arthritis, massage through this oil can be easily suggested for the patients suffering from tendonitis.

Castor Oil

Cater oil will relieve your pain that arises from tendonitis.

Potassium In Diet

Sometimes deficiency of potassium in the human body can raise the problem of tendonitis. You don’t have to take medicine made up of chemical compounds. There are many home remedies for tendonitis with potassium in the diet. White bean is a wonderful source of potassium.

Potassium In Diet

Even consumption of 100g of white bean can provide an individual with 16% of potassium. Dark green leafy spinach is another important variable of potassium in the diet. You can also consume baked potatoes with skin for potassium intake.

Minerals And Vitamins At Home

Vitamins and minerals are really important for an individual to consume on a regular basis. You can consume the food items such as milk, peanuts, etc. in your food to reduce the effect of tendonitis. These vitamins and minerals in your diet will play a key role in the production of cells in your body. They are good for bone growth and a reduction in inflammation.

Minerals And Vitamins
People can adopt the above ways of home remedies for reducing pain, inflammation due to tendonitis. Since the home remedies do not contain any side-effects, it will be safe for people with all ages.