Top 5 Lice Home Remedies

Lice Home Remedies

How many times has it been that you have come across a particularly nasty problem and sat scratching your head trying to think up of a solution? What if scratching your head is a problem in itself? Well yes, head lice can be a scratchy problem to you and your friends too as they spread when come in contact with other heads.

Head lice are vicious little parasites that suck on blood from the scalp, hiding behind hair. The can reproduce at an alarming rate. A louse can lay 7 to 10 eggs at a time and these can hatch on their own; so two or two hundred lice need to be taken care of at the earliest. Have a look at simple grandma recipes to get rid of head lice.

Top Lice Home Remedies

Vinegar Does The Trick

There is a range of medicated shampoos in the market dedicated to remove lice, not all of them are super effective. What they might be lacking is the extra push.


After washing hair with medicated shampoo rinse them with a mixture of half measure water and half measure white vinegar. This lice home remedy if repeated twice or thrice a week, works like a charm!

Mayonnaise For Hair Magic

Apart from adding exotic flavour to your sandwich mayonnaise also kills lice. But don’t be too tempted to eat your hair up after you have applied liberal amounts of mayo. Once you have applied mayonnaise leave your hair in a shower cap overnight and wash them in the morning.


This kills the lice but nits and eggs need to be plucked out. This is relatively easier as eggs don’t move about when you try to pluck them out.

Home Made Oil For You

This mixture works on both; the lice and the itch. Just mix 20 drops tea-tree oil, 10 drops rosemary oil, and 15 drops each of lemon and lavender oil into 4 tablespoons vegetable oil.

Home Made Oil

Leave it in the hair for about an hour or two and wash them thoroughly. What more? This lice home remedy leaves behind a faint soothing smell to your hair.

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Petroleum Jelly For Lice

Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly to your hair and leave it overnight in a shower cap. This will take care of the lice.

Petroleum Jelly

Remove the petroleum jelly with baby oil and shampoo. Although be forewarned that this method will require a lot of time while washing hair to take off the jelly and oils.

Comb‘em Out With Olive Oil

This one might probably be the oldest and the most used method to get rid of lice. It is also one of the most inexpensive ways of treating lice. Coat your hair with olive oil so it smothers the lice and prevents them from moving around and the strand by strand comb through all your hair.

Olive Oil

Wash your hair immediately afterward and repeat this process every day or alternate day until you are sure that lice no longer infest your head.

These lice home remedies work efficiently in removing the infestation but not getting infected in the first place also makes sense.