Top Natural Cure For Cysts

A cyst can develop in any part of the body and it would resemble a sac like growth on the skin surface. These cysts can occur in both men and women and mostly in women.

These cysts tend to grow and hence they need to be treated with great care. Rather than opting for various medicines and treatments, it is wise to follow natural cure for cysts as they are very effective in curing it. Read on this article further to find about a few effective natural cures.

Effective Natural Cure For Cysts

Increase Regular Intake Of Flax Seeds

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are good natural cure when it comes to treating the cysts. Try to toss up your salads, soups, porridges and gravies with a handful of flax seeds. This helps in preventing the cysts from growing.

Apply Hot Compress To Erase The Discomfort

Take a bowl of warm water and take a soft towel and immerse it in warm water. Wring out the water and gently apply it on the irritating cyst. You can also repeat it as many times as you wish. It will relieve the discomfort and irritation caused by the cyst.

Heal The Inflammation Of Cyst With Sandalwood Powder

Make a paste with sandalwood powder and rose water and apply it in the irritated area for 30 minutes. You can then wash it off with fresh cold water.

sandalwood powder

Both sandalwood and rose water has cooling and soothing properties which makes it to stand out as an excellent natural cure for cysts. This also heals the inflammation related to the cysts.

Turmeric Powder And Fresh Mint Juice

Take a cup of fresh mint leaves and crush it well. Then strain it well to get the juice. To this fresh mint juice, add a tea spoon of turmeric powder. Mix this well into a fine paste and apply it on the cyst and leave it about 20 minutes to get relieved from irritation and to cool the skin surrounding it.

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Include Foods Rich In Vitamin A And Zinc In Your Diet

Eat vegetables which are loaded with vitamin A and zinc such as beetroot, spinach, sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds and oysters.


These foods are rich in healing properties and so you need to make sure that they form a part of your diet daily.

Apply Garlic And Turmeric Paste

Take few peeled garlic and grind it into a fine paste. To it add turmeric powder and mix well. The presence of anti bacterial properties in this paste makes it an excellent cure while applying it over the cysts.

Drink Vegetable Juice

vegetable juice

Drink a tall glass of vegetable juice daily to stay clear of all inflammation and recurrence of cysts. This will flush out all the toxins in the body and also improve the immune system in the body. Consume this juice daily on empty stomach.

Have A Dose Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Have a dose of apple cider vinegar in the morning and evening every day, as it is a natural remedy to cure the cysts that might occur at any part of the body.