Top Pregnancy Diet For Overweight Women

Pregnancy Diet For Overweight Women

Pregnancy Diet For Overweight Women Usually you would be advised to gain some weight during your pregnancy as your body must support your baby and help you cope with the process of pregnancy. But if you are already overweight, then you doctor would advise you not to put on weight as it might trigger many medical conditions and might also lead to many complications during the delivery and also create postpartum complications.

So, you have to make sure that you must maintain your body weight while taking care that you eat properly to stay healthy and fit throughout your pregnancy. You can read the following article to know more about pregnancy diet for overweight women to help you stay fit for all months.

Pregnancy Diet For Overweight Women 

Cut The Oil In Your Food

Avoid all kinds of oil in your food as they can contribute to your weight gain. Use microwave to cook and bake veggies or tortillas which make them crispier and ready to eat. This way you will not miss your chips.

Milk Products Those Are Low In Fat

Being a pregnant mother, it is impossible for you to avoid milk products as you need a regular dose of calcium. Make sure you include, milk, cheese and yogurt in your diet regularly, however, you should include only those which are low in fat.

Milk Products

Also reduce the portion of cheese or yogurt and keep it once a day. If you are having milk, add a handful of oats in your milk which is good for you and also offers a filling snack. You can also drink soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk or oat milk as a substitute for dairy products.

Consume Only Homemade Food

It is essential as a pregnant lady to consume homemade foods instead of outside foods as the foods prepared outside will have lots of fat and oil which is not advisable if you wish to reduce some weight. Avoid fast food joints or delis how much craving you might have. You can recreate the same fried fish or chicken by baking it at home with organic ingredients and relish it.

Avoid Foods With High Salt

Never choose those foods that are high in salt. This is essential in your everyday diet as too much of salt in your diet would lead to unnecessary water retention in your body. High sodium content in your body is not advisable as it would contribute to the high blood pressure or gestational hypertension. If you are buying a food product in a grocery store, make sure you check the sodium levels before buying it.

Eat Two Salads A Day


Make it a point to have a vegetable salad and a fruit salad each day. You can also combine both the fruits and vegetables in one salad and divide it in to portions and eat. Have a fat free dressing with less of olive oil, vinegar and Greek yogurt. This will make it more tasty and enjoyable.

Go Brown

Replace all white breads in your pregnancy diet for overweight women with brown bread as they are full of whole wheat and highly beneficial.