Top Reasons To Get Pregnant During Period

There is a common misconception that a woman cannot get pregnant if she has sex during her period. While the chances of a woman getting pregnant during periods are less, it is very much possible. Not all women are the same and neither are there menstrual cycles.

There are various causes that lead to pregnancy even if you have sex during period, or what you wrongly assume is your period. Here is an insight of the facts that may lead to pregnancy, even during your period.

Reasons To Get Pregnant During Period

Irregular Cycle

A 28 to 32 day cycle is not followed by every woman. It is common in scenarios where a woman has a short menstrual cycle such as 24 days. In this case, a woman goes through seven days of bleeding and on the final day she may indulge in intercourse. It is possible for her to ovulate three days later and become pregnant because sperm cells are able to live for three to five days.

Get Pregnant With Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Moreover, during periods, some women also go through breakthrough bleeding or spotting. This makes it difficult to establish the exact place in the menstrual cycle because this spotting or bleeding may occur due to ovulation, but is considered period.

Mistaking The Period

A menstrual period does not include all vaginal bleeding. At the time of ovulation i.e. at the time the woman is the most fertile, she may have a small amount of vaginal bleeding. Some vaginal bleeding may be experienced by girls who are ovulating and they may mistake it as period.

Conception During Period

In the fallopian tube, when a sperm and egg meet, conception occurs. In any one of the two ovaries, an egg may reach maturity at a point in the middle of your menstrual cycle, typically between the 12th and 16th days. The egg is released into the abdomen by the ovary, where the nearest fallopian tubes tulip shaped opening sucks it up immediately.

Conception During Period

After an egg has been released from the ovary, it can survive in the fallopian tube for about 24 hours. Hence, the only way a woman can get pregnant is when during this window of opportunity, sperm is present in your fallopian tube. The egg will be shed off during your period along with your uterine lining if it isn’t fertilized.

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Shorter Cycle

First off, ovulation can occur before the menstruation comes to a halt if a woman’s menstrual cycle is very short. For a period pregnancy to take place, this is the least possible scenario. However, an embryo can be formed if a woman has a compressed menstrual cycle that’s combined with a longer period lasting for seven to eight days. An egg could be released by the ovaries a few days after the finish of menstruation during short menstrual cycles.

Furthermore, on the last day of bleeding, unprotected intercourse could leave sperm having a strong shell life behind even if the egg wasn’t ready or waiting during the menstruation itself. A pregnancy can result if an egg is released into the fallopian tubes by the ovaries in three to five days because that’s how long sperm can survive in their bodies.

Change In Ovulation Time

Tracking Ovulation

Ovulation can also happen a few days after the bleeding has stopped or even before the bleeding has finished. It is impossible for a girl to know when she is the most fertile because girls ovulate at different points, depending on their cycle. Having sex during period is full of risks because sperm lives for 3 days.