Top Ten Ways To Prevent Arthritis

Ways to Prevent Arthritis

Ways to Prevent Arthritis Arthritis can be really painful at certain times and by affecting your mobility can force you to make a lot of compromises in your lifestyle.

The term “prevention is better than cure” is perfectly suitable for it and actually there are a number of ways that can help in preventing arthritis.

Different Ways To Prevent Arthritis

Daily Exercise Is Important

Regular exercise is immensely helpful for preventing arthritis. It helps in the development and strengthening of muscles that supports the bones. It also maintains the mobility of the different joints of the body & prevents any kind of damage.

Aquatic exercises are also very effective to avoid excessive strain on the joint muscles as due to the buoyancy of water you feel lighter once inside it and the joints can move more freely.

Some moderate aerobic exercises along with light weight lifting also help to develop the bones and the muscles and naturally reduce the chance of getting arthritis. Walking is also very effective for this purpose.

Avoid Obesity

avoid obesity

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Obese or over-weight people are expected and found to be more vulnerable to arthritis and that is why maintaining a weight that is in proportion with the body height is of much importance to protect the knee and waist joints.

Things To Avoid

In order to prevent arthritis from getting on you avoiding certain things like heavy weight lifting, different kinds of aggressive sports that take a toll on your body, squatting and typing on computer for long intervals without proper support may prove to be extremely disastrous. Avoid repetitive physical movement also as much as you can.

Regular Stretching

Ways To Prevent Arthiritis

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Regular stretching exercises will help the muscles from getting stiff and this stiffness for a longer period tends to develop arthritis, but also be careful not to overdo it.

Monitor Your Diet

Now it is the time to give a look at your food habit. In order to prevent arthritis, your diet should include foods rich in vitamin C and other anti-oxidants which are good for preventing inflation. Food items that have Vitamin D and calcium should also be there in your diet as they are good for muscle building and bone development and naturally reduces the chance of arthritis.

Good Posture

Prevent Arthritis
Sit and stand in a comfortable posture to ensure that your joints are not put under unnecessary stress. Sleeping on thin mattresses may also prove helpful.

Take Rest

Providing enough rest to your body is very important and try to do physical works in intervals to avoid overworking of your joints.

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Protection From Cold

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Never ever expose your joints to extreme cold for a prolonged period of time on a regular basis. The resulting stiffness is really harmful to the muscles and may ultimately turn to arthritis.

Take A Warm Bath

A hot bath is a very good way of relaxing the tension in the overworked muscles and soothes them. A hot bath by the end of a straining day is a very good way to keep arthritis away from you.

Drink Water

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In order to maintain the mobility of the joints and to retain the fluid required for smooth movement drinking plenty of water is also important as it is found to be a very efficient natural agent to prevent arthritis.