Pregnant Women
It was traditionally assumed that it is unsafe for pregnant women to exercise because it can harm the baby. However, recent studies suggest that exercising during pregnancy can have various positive effects. More specifically, studies have revealed that the right exercises during pregnancy make the would-be mom feel and look better. It reduces constipation and headaches that are common during pregnancy. Furthermore, it allows the mom to get back in shape quickly.

If you love visiting the gym and are currently pregnant, there’s no reason why you should not continue with your treadmill workouts. Of course, remember that you need to modify your workouts slightly since you are pregnant. Here are 4 safe treadmill workouts that a pregnant woman can consider.

Workouts For Pregnant Women

Low Speed Walking

If you are pregnant (or even if you are not), it’s better to start with a low impact treadmill workout. This prepares your body as well as mind for the upcoming exercises.

Low Speed Walking

Furthermore, it prevents your chances of injury. For staying on the safe side, it’s better to walk at a low speed for at least 10 minutes. Keep the incline to zero as well.

Medium Speed Walking

Once you get comfortable with the low speed walking, move on to the next level by increasing the speed. However, it is extremely crucial to understand that you should never over exert yourself. You can keep the speed slightly challenging, but don’t push your body too hard because it could be fatal for your baby. If you want to increase incline of the treadmill, talking to the fitness trainer first would be a good idea. In general, listen to your body and if you feel uncomfortable at any point, stop immediately.

Interval Training

Next, you can try interval training. Start this exercise by walking at a low speed for 5 minutes. Next, increase your speed and walk for 2-3 minutes. Now, move back to your original speed.

Interval Training

The biggest benefit of interval training is that it burns more calories within a short time. It is safe for pregnant women, provided you don’t start walking at a very high speed suddenly.

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Alternate Treadmill Work Out With Weights

Walking continuously on the treadmill can be quite boring. For spicing up your workout, alternating your treadmill exercises with weight training can be a good idea. However, since you are pregnant, it is important to follow certain precautions. First, you should not get off the treadmill suddenly for lifting weights. Lower the speed and thereafter, move on to weight training. Follow the same rule while getting on the treadmill again. Also, never lift heavy weights while being pregnant.

Cool Down Walking

Cool Down Walking

Finally, you should do cool down walking for at least 5 minutes. Cooling down is important because it helps your heart beat to the normal level and allows you to reduce the chances of injury. It also helps your body to adjust itself after a workout session. Also, stretch yourself after getting off the treadmill.

Remain fit with the help of these useful treadmill workouts.