10 Natural Remedies To Treat Vaginitis At Home


Infections of the female reproductive organs are galore. Most women must have gone through one or the other type of infection at some point in their lives. Vaginitis is a general term used for all kinds of inflammations of the vagina. There are many reasons for vaginitis. The most common cause could be vaginal yeast infections and bacterial infections which cause swelling, pain and burning sensation inside the vagina.

Vaginitis can also be caused due to parasitic infestations which can be due to sexual contact and other unhygienic conditions. Vaginitis can also be caused at the onset of menopause when women have low levels of estrogen in their body, leading to inflammation and itching. Vaginitis can have varied symptoms associated with it like pain during intercourse, burning sensation while urinating, unexplained bleeding, smelly and increased vaginal discharge, intense itching and other symptoms like stomach and back pain, pelvic pain etc. depending on the cause of vaginitis.

While vaginitis may not be a threatening condition, it is still very annoying and sometimes nerve wrecking, considering the intense itching and burning sensation that comes with it. The good news is that vaginitis can be cured using natural methods at its initial stages and depending on the severity and type of infection you have. Here are certain sure ways to treat vaginitis at home.

Home Cures For Vaginitis

1. Vaginitis Can Be Treated With Oregano

The oil that is extracted from oregano has antifungal qualities and hence can be used for treating vaginitis caused due to fungus. Vaginal yeast infections that cause vaginitis are very common among women and can be treated effectively with oregano oil. Take oregano supplements twice a day. This can be continued until the symptoms fade away completely and you feel completely normal again.


2. Treatment Of Vaginitis With Garlic

Garlic is an antibacterial and has mild antiseptic qualities that come of use for treating vaginitis. Garlic helps in killing intestinal parasites and also in removing mucous from the stomach, thereby providing a cleansing action to the stomach and preventing any bacterial and fungal action in the vagina. Consume 4-5 cloves of raw garlic every day to keep the stomach and intestine clean and prevent bacteria from thriving inside your body, causing vaginitis.

For bacterial and yeast infections that cause vaginitis, take garlic paste and extract the juice from it. Apply on the vaginal area directly to kill the action of germs. Garlic oil can be mixed with coconut oil and vitamin E as well in order to treat vaginitis. Coconut oil prevents the spread of fungal infections.


3. Treating Vaginitis With Yoghurt

Urinary tract infections and other bacterial infections can cause vaginitis. Here, the bacterial action inside the bladder and vagina has to be reduced in order to reduce and prevent vaginitis. Yoghurt is a wonderful remedy for destroying bad bacteria in the body.

Consume several cups of yoghurt a day to suppress the bad bacteria considerably and cultivate good bacteria. Along with that, for vaginal yeast infections, yoghurt with live cultures can be applied into the vagina. A tampon can be used for this purpose by soaking in yoghurt and inserting inside. Replace it 3-4 times a day.


4. Chamomile For Reducing Vaginitis

The inflammation inside the vagina is what causes the burning sensation and pain. For reducing and removing the severity of vaginitis, the soothing qualities of chamomile can be used. Dip a chamomile tea bag in hot water for 2-3 minutes.

Apply this bag in the vagina, allowing the water to flow into the vaginal canals that are inflamed. Chamomile will exert its soothing action on the walls and reduce the inflammation. This treatment can be continued until the symptoms stop appearing.


5. Vaginitis Can Be Treated With Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice can exert a strong influence on bacterial infections. Being a strongly acidic juice, it will prevent the multiplication if bacteria by providing an acidic surface to the vagina that will kill the bacterial action.

Vaginitis due to bacterial infections can be treated by taking cranberry juice every day in abundance. For the best action, you must consume unsweetened and pure cranberry juice and not the ones with sugar and additives added along with it.

Cranberry Juice

6. Echinacea For Immunity To Fight Vaginitis

Echinacea being an immunity booster helps in fighting off the bacterial and fungal action in the vagina that has caused the vaginitis.

Taking 500 mg of supplements four times every day will ensure that the bacterial action is completely removed, thereby reducing and finally removing vaginitis.


7. Boric Acid Treatment For Chronic Vaginitis

Some women suffer from chronic vaginitis which can be very distressing. In such a case, boric acid can be used for getting great relief. Take boric acid supplements of 600 mg for a month after which you will see great improvements in your vaginitis.

Boric Acid

8. Vaginitis Cure With Cold Compress

For instant relief from itching, pain and burning and to relieve the inflammation take an ice cube and apply on the vagina. This will offer immediate relief from vaginitis due to the cool and numbing sensation that comes with application of ice.

Cold Compress

9. Treatment Of Vaginitis With Vitamin C

Another great remedy that strengthens the immunity and offers fast cure is the intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in fighting the infections in the body. Taking adequate supplements three times a day will make sure that the infection is fought off without delay.

Vitamin C

10. Treat Vaginitis With Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder is antibacterial in nature and can be used for treating vaginitis. Take a pinch of turmeric powder and add it to a glass of milk or water. Consume every day. You can rinse the vagina with turmeric water as well to increase its efficacy.

Turmeric Powder

Tips And Warnings

Along with these remedies ensure that you are on a diet off sugar as sugar can increase yeast infections. A three day fast can be undertaken with only juices and after those consuming only boiled vegetables for two weeks will help in reducing the secretions in the vagina and preventing a conducive environment for the bacteria and fungus to thrive. If home remedies do not work, ensure that you consult a doctor without fail and asses the cause of your vaginitis and take effective treatment.