Treating Menstrual Cramps With Moxibustion

Menstrual Cramps With Moxibustion

Ancient Chinese practices are fast catching the fancy of everyone these days. The sheer magic that Chinese medicine can create with relief for almost all kinds of diseases and disorders have made people realise the potential and take notice of ancient practices. Chinese medicine can be used for treating menstrual cramps as well.

Moxibustion is an ancient form of medical practice in China which uses mugwort for the treatment. All kinds of diseases are known to get relieved from moxibustion treatment.

Menstrual Cramps With Moxibustion

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Mugwort is burnt for the treatment and the heat that is emanated from Mugwort is known to remove all kinds of stagnant energies from the body and also increase circulation which creates an immediate immune system response in the body as a result of stimulation of energy lines present in the body. Moxibustion with mugwort is known to stop cramps in an instant.

Ways to Treat Menstrual Cramps With Moxibustion

Take half of a moxa stick and peel the wrapping off. Keep a bit of the wrapping so that you have enough space to hold on to. Light a flame at the end of the moxa stick and after a few seconds blow it out so that the stick keeps emanating smoke. Leave your abdominal and pelvic area exposed which includes the pubic bone and the bottom of your ribs.

Hold the smoking moxa stick near your exposed skin and wave it all over the area so that the smoke is fanned into the surface of the skin. The stick can be ideally held about half an inch close to the skin. It can be held in a horizontal position for maximum smoke to hit the skin surface.

Make sure that you do not burn your skin by placing the stick too close to the skin. Keep waving in the best possible direction so that maximum smoke hits your abdomen and pelvic area.

Menstrual Cramps With Moxibustion

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Continue waving for about 20 minutes, taking care to concentrate more on the area where it hurts most which will be the area over your uterus. Soon you will feel that the skin will start turning warm and it might even turn red with the treatment. However, at no point should the skin start hurting due to the heat of the stick.

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In such a case, keep the stick a bit more away with a comfortable gap between the skin and the stick. Once you have done this for about 20 minutes, you can extinguish the flame and save the stick for future use. By now, your menstrual cramps would have reduced considerably or completely gone.

Moxibustion is a tried and tested treatment method and can be safely administered at home. To increase the efficiency of moxibustion treatment, you can drink a cup of hot chamomile tea and take a short nap which will help the body relax and recuperate.

It must also be noted that your body must be kept warm after the treatment. Setting in of cold can cause the cramps to return. Keep your abdomen warm and well covered with a warm cloth.