Treatment Methods For Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer is increasing at an alarming rate and it is important to spread awareness about the detection and treatment about it. Notably, cervix connects the vagina and uterus and when malignant cancer cells develop in the lining of this organ, it is called Cervical Cancer.

No doubt, cancers can be really fatal but early detection and treatment proves to be very helpful. There are many treatment options available for women today so let’s find out more about Cervical Cancer treatments.


It is important that this cancer is detected at early stages so that the women can undergo a Hysterectomy. This method is usually very effective in curing the cancer given that it is still in early stages i.e. cancer is still in cervix. Some part of uterus and some part of vagina is taken out during the hysterectomy for curing the cancer. However, the fertility of women is affected by the surgery.

Other Surgery

Hysterectomy may not suit every woman and if they are looking for less invasive surgeries and want to be fertile then there is an option of going through a cone biopsy or electrical excision for this. These procedures are not so aggressive and doctors try to locate and remove only that part which is affected by the cancer. Sometimes, the surgery may not be able to fully remove the cancer tissues so you may have to go through Trachelectomy.


As discussed, the cone biopsy may not be able to remove the cancer tissues completely and you may need to undergo Trachelectomy to remove the remaining ones. This surgery is aimed towards saving the ovaries and uterus from any damage.

Cancer Beyond Cervix

Cancer spreads beyond cervix then only a single therapy or surgery may not be enough. In such cases doctors suggest hysterectomy and lymph node removal. Moreover, radiation therapy may also be used to cure the tissues which were not removed by the surgery.


If the tumor is in advanced form then they become very hard to cure but with a combination of hysterectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation, cancer can be cured or put into remission. Chemotherapy involves treatment through drugs. These drugs are strong enough to kill the cancer cell or check that they don’t divide further.

Prevention Of Cervical Cancer

There is a vaccine that can help in preventing the cervical cancer in women. It is called Gardasil vaccine and has been approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This vaccine is used as a preventive measure against human papillomavirus or HPV in females. However, it has to be used before the body becomes sexually active.

The detection of cervical cancer is very difficult in early stages so women should receive pap smear every year. Moreover, signs like pain in the pelvis area, vaginal bleeding, pain during intercourse and unusual discharge through vagina should not be ignored. Also there are certain things that increase the chances of cervical cancer like having many sexual partners, excessive smoking, oral contraceptives and a weak immune system.